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You Need to Hear This Table

Sure iPods are great, but they’ve always had one flaw, you can’t rest your pint on one. As part of their new urban headphones campaign, ‘You Need To Hear This,” Philips unveiled tables you need to hear. Pub goers across London got a chance to listen to trending music curated specifically for the neighbourhood they were in just by plugging their headphones into bespoke tables.

Each table featured hand illustrated typography and iconography inspired by its neighbourhood – all prompting people to plug their headphones directly into the table (Philips headphones were provided by the bar). The surfaces were entirely handmade using three types of wood: American oak, fumed oak and maple and each used a range of techniques including marquetry, laser etching, wood burning and hand distressing.

Client: Philips
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather London
Brixton Table Illustrator: Ged Palmer
Hackney Table Typographer / Illustrator: Alison Carmichael / Steve Bonner
Shoreditch Table Illustrator: Mateusz Witczak
Production Company: Physical Pixels
Writer: Chris Joakim
Art Director: Mike Donaghey
Planner: Mattijs Devroedt
Project Managers: Louisa Lewis, Sasha Dunn
Account Leads: Olivia Rzepczynski, AJ Coyne
Creative Directors: Gerry Human, Ivan Pols

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10 free grunge fonts

Take advantage of this compilation of free grunge fonts that you can put to use in your cool designs.

    Grunge fonts are becoming increasingly popular. Instead of shiny, crisp typefaces, many artists and designers are seeking to use an urban, dirty, street style in their designs. With this in mind, we’ve scoured the web to find you 10 top, free grunge fonts available to download now.

    Creative Bloq

      01. Everyday Ghost

      Everyday Ghost by Andrew Hart

      Everyday Ghost is one of 63 fonts created by typeface designer Andrew Hart. The design, which features smudges and blotchy effects, adds an interesting twist to an otherwise generic serif font. Free for personal use only.


      02. Fail

      Fail by Douglas Vitkausk

      This cool typeface does anything but what its name suggests, having been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times since its release. This is one of 129 fonts designed by Douglas Vitkausk, whose work has amassed over 12 million downloads! Free for personal use only.


      03. Laundromat 1967

      Laundromat 1967 by Last Soundtrack

      This cool Laundromat 1967 typeface would make a great newspaper-type ransom note design. Developed by designer Gyom Séguin aka Last Soundtrack, this is one of 46 fonts he’s crafted. The full set of this particular type features uppercase letters and numbers. Free for personal use only.


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      45 Creative Uses of Typography in Web Design | via

      1stwebdesigner - Become A Better Web Designer!

      Typography is an important and crucial part of any web design. For this reason, almost every designer pays lots of attention to the use of typography. In this round-up, we are showcasing some excellent examples of typography in web design.

      The latest trend in web typography is to employ bigger fonts that grab the attention of the viewers. Applying big typographic elements helps visitors in paying attention to the main element of the design.

      Now, we shall take a look at some great examples of websites that demonstrate effective use of typography in their design. Enjoy!


      1. Moresoda


      2. Bear Grylls Live

      Bear Grylls Live

      3. Ryan Keiser

      30 Beautiful Examples Of Typography Design

      Typography is the art and technique of arranging type in order to make language visible. The arrangement of type involves the selection of typefaces,point sizeline length, leading (line spacing), adjusting the spaces between groups of letters (tracking) and adjusting the space between pairs of letters.

      Type design is a closely related craft, which some consider distinct and others a part of typography, And StuffKit presents 30 Beautiful Examples Of Typography Design which is created in adobe photoshop, used different tools and effects from photoshop.

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      Useful Print And Online Magazines For Web Designers


      By  |

      One of the advantages of working in a creative industry is the number of designers and developers who take their craft seriously. The design community shines in one regard in particular: the design community seems to be less willing to hoard knowledge and skills. Instead, we present them, elaborate on them and keep improving on each other’s techniques — among other media — magazines and books.

      In this overview of useful magazines you’ll find everything from purely online publications to monthly, glossy print editions, where all subjects relevant to art and design are being investigated in colorful, eloquent detail.

      (Smashing’s side note: Have you already bought the brand new Smashing Book #3? The book introduces new practical techniques and a whole new mindset for progressive Web design. Get your book today!)

      Print And Digital Indie Publications

      The Manual
      Three beautiful A5 handcrafted hardback books-magazines a year, each one with a bit over 100 pages. The Manual delivers intelligent and critical thinking, and voices on the “Why?” of Web design, taking the reader to a deeper and richer level of work. Published by Andy McMillan, edited by Carolyn Wood, and designed by Jez Burrows, you can get it for 25$.

      CODEX, The Journal of Typography
      An infrequent 164 page magazine with feature articles, book and typeface reviews, interviews, type history, essays and type design — from typography experts. The first issue was released in spring of 2011, the second one is coming out in summer of 2012. The Codex magazine is only available in print and PDF version (8$).

      Offscreen Mag: The People Behind Bits & Pixels
      Offscreen is a high-quality print magazine created, edited, designed and published by Kai Brach, issued three to four times a year, and available online for 17,90$. With each issue built around six lengthy interviews, it explores the off-screen life and work of people who create websites and apps, and tells their stories of creativity, passion and hard work.

      Offscreen Magazine

      A magazine dedicated to visual communication, graphic design and typography. It is aimed at both professionals and beginners in typography, font design, graphic design and education, as well as marketing and visual communication specialists. The magazine is published quarterly. All 34 issues between 2003 and 2008 are also available in PDF.

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      26 Creative Typography Graphic Designs and Illustrations for your inspiration

      26 Creative Typography Graphic Designs and Illustrations for your inspiration

      Typography is one of the most fascinating elements of graphic design. If it’s web design, album art, posters, or any other type of graphic design, typographical inspiration can be a great resource for designers. Here we have added 22 most beautiful examples of creative typography designs for your inspiration. Sigue leyendo

      Respect Thy Typography

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      Smashing Books Bundle - only $49.80 - Buy now!

      Good typography shouldn’t have to rely on ornamental crutches to stand tall. Yet despite all the tools and knowledge available to us, we readily embrace a flourishing, decorative typography, with cheap tricks used in a misguided attempt to make it “pop”. This ancient art may rapidly be gaining popularity, but are we paying it the respect it deserves?

      Take a snapshot of the visual culture that surrounds you—magazines, movie posters, packaging, websites—how much of it relies on typography? How much of the typography around you is actually well considered? Chances are you’ll find a handful of beautifully crafted typographical designs competing with an avalanche of visually “rich”, image-heavy creations. Typography is then relegated to the role of “necessary evil” in order to display text, or ill-considered typographic pieces, where the meaning of MS WordArt has been interpreted a smidgen too literally… Why?

      [Note: A must-have for professional Web designers and developers: The Printed Smashing Books Bundle is full of practical insight for your daily work. Get the bundle right away!]

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      How-To Create Text Effects Using Photoshop

      How to Create a Colorful Text Design in Photoshop

      Adobe Photoshop users as well-known about the layer functions, in this post we are talking about text layer and their effects while to make more striking text effects using few tricks step, yes true as far as my experience when I was learning about Photoshop, I was start from Photoshop text effect tutorials because this is more important part when we are start learning about Photoshop tool. Few days back I was compile a roundup for textual logo designs where I learn so many ideas how to create a logo just because of tricky text effects and typeface then I decide to make another on this initial process when designers should take control on their text effect knowledge.

      These of all Photoshop text effect tutorials will teach you in professional design perspective because website designs also making their landing pages where we can use this awe-inspiring text effects, so why not you go below to get idea on the way of typography techniques and art.

      Quick Tip: Create a “Transfarmers” Text Effect Using Layer Styles in Photoshop

      In today’s quick tip tutorial we will demonstrate how to create a cinematic “Transfarmers” Text Effect using the layer styles. Let’s get started!

      Quick Tip: Create a “Transfarmers” Text Effect Using Layer Styles in Photoshop

      Create a “Clock Up” Wallpaper in Photoshop

      Using 3D text effect as main design element wasn’t something new. I’m pretty certain that most of us has been seen 3D text in many place like magazine, poster or in the internet. Years ago, we need 3d application and some skills to create believable 3d text.

      Create a “Clock Up” Wallpaper in Photoshop


      In this tutorial we are going to show you how to create 3d letter in photoshop,as this is a photoshop type tutorial.We are going to create 3d letters and create 3d effect in photoshop and learn some techniques that you can later use to create your own 3d text with photoshop.


      Exploding Text Effect

      For this tutorial we’re going to use a little bit of 3D Studio Max, so make sure you have it and that you know your basics before you start. We’re also going to use textures, which you can grab from That’s about it, everything else we’ll be creating ourselves.

      Exploding Text Effect

      Supernatural Text Effect

      In this tutorial we’ll be creating a smoky night effect on text to give it an eerie supernatural sort of feel. It’s a good exercise in using the Wave distortion filter…

      Supernatural Text Effect

      How to Create a Chocolaty Valentine’s Day Card for Your Girlfriend

      This tutorial will show you how to create an easy swirling background and how to use layer styles to create a chocolaty text effect. Once you’re done, feel free to customize it with personal photos or just a few cute hearts.

      How to Create a Chocolaty Valentine’s Day Card for Your Girlfriend

      Cool Dots Text Effect

      This Photoshop tutorial explains how to design a three-dimensional text, which consists of dots and a blurred extension.

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      30 Latest Photoshop Poster Tutorials 


      A poster is a sort of publicized material intended to be fastened to a wall or vertical spot. Usually, posters consist of both textual and graphic components, but a poster could be at times totally graphical or completely text. Posters were created to convey information as well as grab attention. A very common method of making an impressive poster designs is by means of Photoshop. Photoshop makes it possible for designers to make wonderful posters that is employed for a vast array of applications such as movie promos, product promos, event promos, and also just for enjoyment and practice. There are a variety of outstanding tutorials around that show the entire process of designing a poster in Photoshop.

      Here are the 30 Top of the Line Photoshop Poster Tutorials that will help you to learn something new. Take a moment to post a comment to share any tutorials we might have overlooked. Enjoy!


      Creating a Spectrum Poster Design in Photoshop
      In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a Spectrum Poster design using Adobe Photoshop.

      How To Create a Retro Style Typographic Poster Design

      How To Create a Retro Style Typographic Poster Design
      This step by step tutorial will teach you how to create a retro style typographic poster design with distressed textures and a muted colour scheme.

      Create a Dramatic Western Style Movie Poster in Photoshop

      Create a Dramatic Western Style Movie Poster in Photoshop
      In this tutorial, you will learn some Photoshop techniques to create an awesome Western movie poster.

      Dark Knight Rises Poster in Photoshop

      Dark Knight Rises Poster in Photoshop
      In this tutorial, you will just be using simple and straightforward techniques to create the Dark Knight Rises poster in Photoshop. Sigue leyendo

      25 Gorgeous Typography Wallpapers

      Thnxz to,
      Posted by


      Inspiring desktop wallpapers can help you get into a creative and productive mood. In this collection we will focus on beautiful wallpapers based on typography. Nowadays typography plays one of the most important roles of effective and beautiful web and graphic design, but typography can also be an art form. Unusual combinations, transformations and compositions of type can become a breathtaking piece of art. Here are 25 gorgeous typography inspired wallpapers for you to enjoy.

      I Love Typography

      I Love Typography

      The Characteristics of a Typeface

      The Characteristics of a Typeface Sigue leyendo

      Typography with a Message: 55 Powerful Examples

      By: Hilde Torbjornsen

      Many designers are interested in different aspects of typography for obvious reasons and some even use it in their art and statements. This time we’ve had a look around to find some examples of typography with strong messages. We find these to be an interesting type of art and hope you will enjoy the collection.

      Typography with a Message: 55 Powerful Examples

      Typography with a Message

      Here’s our selection. We’ve tried to find several different styles and a number of different messages. We hope these messages will engage you, whether you love them or hate them.

      The person you love
      The person you love

      You can be told what to say
      You can be told what to say

      Culture Sigue leyendo

      Big Typography In Web Design

      By Brant Wilson


      Many of web designers try to make there website looks unique, creative, and beautiful by using a beautiful set of typography. So today we have collected some big typography.




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      Common Typography Mistakes: Apostrophes Versus Quotation Marks

      A common mistake in typography is the use of apostrophes instead of quotation marks. A lot of people just get the two confused, using double apostrophes instead of actual quotation marks. It’s hard to mistake it the other way around, but it will be worth your while to learn the differences.


      Apostrophes Versus Quotation Marks

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      Design Inspiration: Text Art Showcase

      Typography is a major aspect of web and graphic design. With text art, typography and text effects can be used in unique, creative ways to design. In this post we’ll showcase some beautiful examples of text art. If you see something you like, click on the image and you will be led to the source.

      Australia Post Ad

      Australia Post Ad

      Jimi Hendrix

      Jimi Hendrix

      Cover Girl

      Cover Girl

      Typographic World Map

      Typographic World Map





      Am I Your Type

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