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Exal & Arrive: 7 Op. Laborales…en Puerto Madryn (I) – @luisggiobio @arriverrhh

  • Ref. 01. Jefe de Producción

Con reporte jerárquico al Gerente de Planta, sus principales funciones serán: planificar y coordinar las tareas de programación y control a efectos de lograr los volúmenes de producción necesarios. Generará información estadística sobre los procesos de fundición, purificación, laminado, estampado, blasting de tejos y packaging.exal

Supervisará y controlará que se opere con seguridad las instalaciones, según los estándares de seguridad industrial y del trabajo. Participará en las pruebas de pre-operación de unidades para desarrollo, ingeniería de procesos y mejora continua.

Seleccionaremos un Ingeniero Industrial /Electromecánico con experiencia no menor a 5 (cinco) años en posiciones similares. Factores excluyentes: Experiencia en plantas industriales, con fuerte habilidad en relaciones interpersonales, Manejo y gestión operativa/administrativa de procesos de producción metalúrgicos, metalmecánicos, químicos, de montaje, Producción continua. Diseño y evaluación de líneas de conducción y bocatomas. Manejo de paquetes utilitarios de Microsoft Office, MS Project, Autocad y S10. Lean Manufacturing y Herramientas de gestión Mejora Continua, Factores deseables: Six Sigma, SMED, Procedimientos en laboratorio Físico, Químico de metales, Ensayos mecánicos y físicos de estructuras metálicas. Conocimientos y experiencia TPM.

  • Ref. 02. Jefe de Mantenimiento

Con reporte jerárquico al Gerente de Planta, sus principales funciones serán: Planear y coordinar las actividades de mantenimiento preventivo y correctivo de todos los equipamientos, sistemas de control y redes de distribución de servicios, gas natural, gas argón, aire comprimido, potencia, redes eléctricas de media y baja tensión, agua potable, agua de uso industrial, y la infraestructura electromecánica. Controlar el stock de materiales, repuestos, herramientas y suministros diversos del Almacén, para la ejecución de las actividades.

Seleccionaremos un Ingeniero Industrial/Mecanico/Electromecánico con experiencia no menor a 5 (cinco) años en posiciones similares. Manejo de paquetes utilitarios de Microsoft Office. Inventor, CATIA, Autocad, S10, MS Project, SIGO, SCADA Diseño y evaluación de Redes de Agua y Desagüe, equipos mecánicos, prensas neumáticas, sistemas térmicos, sistemas de generación, Media-Baja tensión, equipos de potencia, sistemas de carga, etc. Manejo y control de equipos y herramientas. Conocimiento y experiencia en TPM.

En todos los casos se requiere: Excelente capacidad analítica. Fuerte orientación a resultados. Muy buen manejo de relaciones interpersonales.

Estás interesado? Mandanos un mail con todos tus datos, información de tu perfil y remuneración pretendida, mencionando la referencia del aviso a

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Scaling Your UX Strategy |


In business today, “user experience” (or UX) has come to represent all of the qualities of a product or service that make it relevant or meaningful to an end-user — everything from its look and feel design to how it responds when users interact with it, to the way it fits into people’s daily lives. You even people talking about UX as the way in which a consumer connects to a business — all the touch-points from marketing to product development to distribution channels.

It’s the “new black,” to borrow from a fashion phrase — as well as a reference to its influence on profitability.

The value of UX as a corporate asset is no longer in question. Just look at the
$1 billion price tag paid by Facebook for Instagram, whose primary asset is not technology, but the best photo sharing UX in the business (and some of the best UX talent as well). Look at the recent Apple vs. Samsung judgment: 93% of the damages were related to design patents that define the iOS user experience. The growing appreciation of the value of UX is not restricted to consumer-facing tech companies, like Google with their new focus on unified design or Microsoft Windows 8 with its sleek new “Metro” design language. At frog, we hear the same things from executives in financial services, healthcare, and infrastructure. Companies like GE and Bloomberg are recruiting leading designers to build UX capabilities at a corporate level. We even hear it from our clients in the international market, such as regional telecommunications companies, who see a “unified user experience strategy” like Apple’s as a sign of status.

The recognition of UX’s importance seems to be slowly sinking into corporate culture the way “brand” did a decade ago. >>> Sigue leyendo

Time for Brands to Get Innovational with Facebook

One of the biggest challenges I face at Social@Ogilvy is maintaining a simultaneous focus on innovation and operationalizing proven practices. Technically you cannot do both at the same time. It’s kind of like multitasking, which is really a myth. We “bounce” between tasks, never quite doing them at the same time. And just like multitasking, innovation and tweaking reliability cannot quite happen at the same time. Kind of like designing the car of the future even while you use it to pick up groceries everyday.

Yet there are few practices quite like applying social media to business to bring out the inner entrepreneur and Six Sigma black belt in all of us. We simply have to do both, if not simultaneously, then in quick succession. No sooner had we created a new way to audit a brand’s social presence (Social Brand Print) then we had rolled it out globally, making it more efficient and generally improving on the final product.

This is a brand leader’s dilemma in using social media. Just think about the marketers who demand new, innovative ways of using Facebook, for example, and then demand ROI in the next breath. ROI comes after innovation when you are trying to scale or make a process more reliable and efficient. Still, this is the boat we find ourselves in. And Facebook is the perfect platform for pursuing both innovation and operation.

Facebook helps us be “Innovational”

Facebook exceeded 1 billion users and 200 million of us actively post content in addition reading our friend’s updates. Forty percent of the world’s Internet users are on the platform.  It’s got scale which is certainly one of the attributes to look for when scaling and making more efficient. (Source: GlobalWebIndex)

The ad platform including the premium ads we love as sponsored stories are now handled automatically making them more efficient. Plenty of marketers like us have established a Facebook ad planning and buying “desk” staffed by social media experts who blend media knowledge with social media smarts. They sit adjacent to the community managers driving measurable engagement deeper and deeper. Pulling media back towards the content and creative teams is both innovative and operational.

Here are four ways you can fuel innovation on Facebook:

Facebook Studio – Nothing sparks innovation like examples of great work with a bit of a competitive edge. If you haven’t tapped into this site to see what brands and others are doing on Facebook, then kick back and browse around for an hour. Make an appointment to come back every week and submit your own work. You might win an award. Sigue leyendo

It’s Time to Rethink Continuous Improvement

Ron Ashkenas

Six Sigma
KaizenLean, and other variations on continuous improvement can be hazardous to your organization’s health. While it may be heresy to say this, recent evidence from Japan and elsewhere suggests that it’s time to question these methods.

Admittedly, continuous improvement once powered Japan’s economy. Japanese manufacturers in the 1950s had a reputation for poor quality, but through a culture of analytical and systematic change Japan was able to go from worst to first. Starting in the 1970s, the country’s ability to create low-cost, quality products helped them dominate key industries, such as automobiles, telecommunications, and consumer electronics. To compete with this miraculous turnaround, Western companies, starting with Motorola, began to adopt Japanese methods. Now, almost every large Western company, and many smaller ones, advocate for continuous improvement.

But what’s happened in Japan? In the past year Japan’s major electronics firms have lost an aggregated $21 billion and have been routinely displaced by competitors from China, South Korea, and elsewhere. As Fujio Ando, senior managing director at Chibagin Asset Management suggests, “Japan’s consumer electronics industry is facing defeat. “Similarly, Japan’s automobile industry has been plagued by a series of embarrassing quality problems and recalls, and has lost market share to companies from South Korea and even (gasp!) the United States. Sigue leyendo

Innovation and Porter’s Five Forces

I’ve been pondering the “truths” we hold dear and wondering whether or not the mental models we were taught in college and graduate school hold up under the changes occurring in our economy.  Do the great business thinkers of the past twenty or thirty years and their models and descriptions hold true, especially when we introduce innovation into the mix?  Over the next few months I’ll look at a couple of the models we hold dear and place innovation within the context of the model, to see if the model is extensible enough to account for innovation, or whether we may want to revise our thinking to account for innovation.

First up:  Porter’s Five Forces.  Michael Porter wrote the book on corporate strategy.  Well, he actually wrote a number of books about corporate strategy, competitive advantage and a number of other topics.  The books that were mantras when I was in school were Competitive Strategy and Competitive Advantage.  In these books and others Porter introduced models, tools and methods to analyze the firm and its competitive position and its competitive advantage.  Two of these tools, the “Five Forces” model and the Value Chain model, are ones that have become ingrained in the way we think about businesses strategically.  What I wanted to know is:  does the model hold up in light of an increased emphasis on innovation?
Sigue leyendo

Does Your Company Suffer from Process Attention Deficit Disorder?

by Brad Power

Does your organization suffer from subpar operational performance? Have your costs, response times, or reliability slipped relative to competitors or versus customer expectations?

Maybe your organization has Process Attention Deficit Disorder. If it has, symptoms will likely show up in three areas: incentives, behaviors, and organization. Sigue leyendo

Ideas and IP are the new product

As my final sally into the intellectual capital topics introduced by Mary Adams in her book Intangible Capital I wanted to respond to one other question that Mary posed.  She asked – what’s the relationship between innovation and intangible capital.  My answer to that is to paraphrase Keynes by saying we’re all innovators in the long run.

In today’s economy every business is an idea business.  Think about it carefully.  Is there a business you can think of that isn’t constantly trying to improve its operations, cut costs, increase market share?  From the most automated manufacturer to the firms that make a living spitting out ideas for other firms, every firm is in the idea business.  It’s simply a matter of how the ideas are used.  In many firms that would scoff at the concept that they are idea businesses, the focus of idea generation is on improving productivity and efficiency.  Sigue leyendo

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