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Herramientas para añadir tiendas virtuales a tu página de Facebook


Si quieres vender algo por Facebook, y no sabes muy bien como hacerlo, aquí teneis unas cuantas herramientas que os facilitarán la tarea.

Payvment E-commerce Storefront

Es quizás la aplicación de comercio electrónico más sencilla de utilizar. Dispone de gran variedad de opciones para montar una tienda online a medida de la compañía o el producto. Incluye un área de administración propia para gestionar productos y ventas. Por el momento sólo acepta pago vía paypal y Payvment.

Vendor – Free e-commerce Shopping Cart

Permite montar un carro de la compra en la página Facebook de modo que se puedan ir agregando productos y precios a través de la “store”. Esto permite que lo puedan ver los seguidores de la página pudiendo vender y cobrar usando PayPal.

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Targeting Your Next-Generation Wallet | by 

The mobile wallet has been a solution in search of a problem for a number of years now. The promise of integrating payment and marketing tools into a portable digital device (namely the cell phone) is as obvious as it has been elusive. If digital marketing can be tied more directly to actual point of sale, then marketers can close the loop on measuring ROI in ways never before possible. The payoffs for ad impressions, loyalty programs, offers-based programs, etc. all can be tied to purchase. The implications for media attribution, consumer behavioral data and just about everything else in the media value chain are enormous.

While mobile wallets have been a dream of marketers, they have not been able to demonstrate the necessary value for two key constituencies, consumers and merchants. For the end user, mobile payments and wallets don’t solve much of anything, since pulling out a cell phone is not much better than pulling out a credit card or a loyalty card.

And what is in it for the payment chain? As Alistair Goodman, CEO of geo-located mobile solutions provider Placecast explains it, “There has been a realization in the mobile wallet space that there is not a lot of new revenue to be generated by the transactions because that is a very efficient channel and all the players are quite optimized.” There is also not a lot of incentive for merchants to get with a program that merely shifts the method of payments consumers will be using anyway. Sigue leyendo

La compra de contenidos es la operación de marketing móvil más realizada en España, con un 17,8%

El comercio móvil está, según el estudio elaborado por MMA Spain, junto con la consultora Lightspeed Research, experimentando un crecimiento, ya que un 30% de los usuarios móviles españoles ha realizado algún tipo de compa desde su teléfono durante el pasado mes de febrero.

Con un 17,8%, la compra de contenido móvil, como tonos de llamada o aplicaciones, entre otros, es la operación más frecuente realizadas a través de los terminales móviles. Le sigue en segunda posición, la compra o utilización de billetes para los viajes y entradas para conciertos con un 13% y, en tercer lugar, el uso descuentos o cupones con un 10% de los usuarios españoles.

Forma de pago
Respecto a la compra de contenido para móvil, el 41,6% de los usuarios españoles declara realizar esta operación a través de su cuenta vinculada al operador de telefonía móvil. La segunda forma más habitual de efectuar estas operaciones es a través de tarjeta de crédito o tarjeta bancaria con un 30,9% y con un 23,6% a través de una cuenta de pago Paypal o similar. Sigue leyendo

Un simple ejemplo de la relación entre creatividad e innovación | Eduardo Kastika. Blog. Innovación y creatividad en Latinoamérica
 De las 100 personas más creativas en los negocios (Revista Fast Company, 2012), Adam Brotman es el nro. 3.

Se trata del Chief Digital Office de Satarbucks. Y su aporte fue muy sencillo: creó una aplicación (gratuita) para que los clientes paguen con sus teléfonos móviles.

La idea no es totalmente novedosa. Existen muchas otrasposibilidades de pago vía teléfono móvil.

Pero lo interesante de esta “tarjeta virtual Starbucks”, es que Adam Brotman implementó la idea sin ningún tipo de complejidad tecnológica.

Los clientes cargan sus tarjetas plásticas de Starbucks, la persona que los atiende escanea sus teléfonos móviles y… listo. No hay asociaciones con tarjetas de crédito, ni de débito, ni PayPal, nipagos virtuales, ni nada.

Mobile payments | 3wƒ

See on Scoop.ithuman being in – perfección


Editor’s note: Bill Ready is CEO of Braintree, an online and mobile payments provider.

Every day there is a new headline about mobile payments focused on using a mobile phone to pay at retail locations. Paypal, Google and other industry giants are racing to provide new in-store mobile payment solutions. Large merchants, such as Wal-mart and Target have contemplated their own mobile payment solutions. The debate about whether NFC will be the preferred technology to enable mobile payments rages. However, despite all this press and efforts by industry giants, there is stunningly little traction to use a mobile device to pay at retail locations. This is largely because the solutions offered by industry giants thus far don’t solve a meaningful problem in the daily lives of consumers or merchants. Few things in life are easier for consumers than swiping a credit card at checkout and in-store payment systems are as easy and ubiquitous as dial-tone for merchants.

However, There is a massive mobile commerce opportunity that is a severe pain point for both consumers and merchants, but large industry players are failing to meaningfully address it. That opportunity is e-commerce on the mobile device or m-commerce. M-commerce is ramping up, proving that consumers not only like to shop via their mobile device, but also will purchase. However, the numbers also show that there’s significant room for improvement in the mobile device purchasing experience – mainly through optimizing the shopping and payment processes for consumers.

Online holiday shopping in 2011 showed substantial growth in mobile shopping activity, with both traffic and sales on mobile devices more than doubling their volume over the same period a year earlier, according to research from IBM. During the holiday shopping season, 14.6 percent of all online sessions on a retailer’s site were initiated from a mobile device (up from 5.6 percent the year before), and sales from mobile devices reached 11 percent versus 5.5 percent in December 2010. Clearly, more consumers are becoming comfortable shopping and buying from retailer web sites using their smartphones. Sigue leyendo

Pay To “Highlight” Your Facebook Status Updates To More Friends – A Reckless New Ads Test

Highlight Featured Image

Only 12% of your friends see your average status update, but Facebook is testing an option called “Highlight” that lets you pay a few dollars to have one of your posts appear to more friends. Highlight lets the average user, not Pages or businesses, select an “important post” and “make sure friends see this”, but not color it yellow as Stuff wrote when it first spotted the feature. A tiny percentage of the user base is now seeing tests of a paid version of Highlight, but there’s also a free one designed to check if users are at all interested in the option.

Highlight could show Facebook’s willingness to try more aggressive ways of making money, which should delight potential investors. But Facebook is playing with fire here. The service has always been free for users, and a pay-for-popularity feature could be a huge turn off, especially to its younger and less financially equipped users who couldn’t afford such narcissism.

The official statement from Facebook on this is:

“We’re constantly testing new features across the site. This particular test is simply to gauge people’s interest in this method of sharing with their friends.”

I doubt Facebook is going to see positive reactions to Highlight, but if it did it could turn into an unpredicted revenue stream. Just the fact that Facebook would test this could bolster confidence for potential IPO investors. They want to know the company is interested in striking a more advertiser-friendly balance between a pure user experience and the goals of advertisers. That’s especially important now, as yesterday Facebook had to warn investors that its ad business is in jeopardy as more users access via mobile where it doesn’t show nearly as many ads.

But the problem is the potential for Highlighted updates to reduce the general relevance of the news feed. Facebook’s news feed sorting algorithm is designed to show you posts by your closest friends or that have received a lot of Likes and comments. Highlight distorts this, and will encourage news feed spamming club promoters, musicians, small businesses, or anyone else with something to gain from more clicks.


Las redes sociales como proveedores de identidad para los micropagos


La empresa belga Paycento ha desarrollado un sistema de pago online que utiliza Facebook y Twitter para identificar al pagador. Con este sistema pronto se podría realizar micropagos en Internet con un solo clic. Es un sistema adicional al sistema de Facebook credits que ya tiene la mayor red social.Pieter Dubois, fundador de Paycento, aprovechará a las redes sociales como proveedores de identidad para satisfacer la necesidad de un sistema realmente fácil de usar para hacer mini pagos en línea. “La forma de pago es realmente inédita… es como pagar realmente con un solo clic en Internet”, dijo Dubois.

Este sistema aún se encuentra en fase beta y está siendo probado por una gran compañía europea para determinar si es viable impulsar las ventas de periódicos, música y otros bienes y servicios de coste reducido en la red mediante un solo clic.

El sistema funciona a partir de una cuenta de usuario en Paycento, que a su vez está vinculada con otra u otras cuentas en redes sociales como Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Así quienes naveguen por internet podrían pagar por leer un sólo artículo o bajarse una canción sin tener que rellenar un impreso o introducir los datos de su tarjeta de crédito en la red.

Debido a la caída de las ventas en papel y el aumento del consumo por Internet de la información, las editoriales venden abonos para descargarse el periódico completo o entrar en una zona de usuarios registrados con todas las noticias. Sigue leyendo

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