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[InfoGraphic] Soaring Social – University of San Francisco

Dean Vella
University of San Francisco & Bisk Education
Using Social Media as a Share of Your Online Marketing Strategy.

The marketing benefits of social media make it compelling to institute into an online marketing strategy.

Social media has evolved into active engagement with the consumer and has shown to increase a business’s exposure, improve search rankings, generate leads and grow business partnerships. As stated below, 40% of businesses who engage in social media have seen an increase in sales.


90% of Marketers Know the Importance of Content, but only 38% Have a Strategy

Author: Ally |

According to a recent survey conducted by Econsultancy, 90% of respondents (1,300 marketing professionals) believe that content marketing will continue becoming increasingly important within the next year, but a surprisingly low 38% of them actually have a content strategy in place.

It’s hard to say that a day goes by for marketers without hearing, talking, or reading about some type of content marketing strategy. This is clearly demonstrated by the 73% of respondents who believe that brands are becoming publishers. Why is it, then, that only 38% of companies currently have a defined content marketing strategy and only 55-58% say that they are planning one?

After seeing these numbers, I thought of a few reasons why companies wouldn’t have a content marketing strategy, and why those reasons are not acceptable excuses.

1. We don’t have time to create our own content…     Sigue leyendo

How to Budget for Marketing | by Sookie Shuen


Whatever it is, the budget you put in place for your marketing for the year ahead will shape the results you achieve.How to Budget for Marketing

Now is the ideal time to define your marketing approach and the budget that will support it. In a recent Toluna survey of businesses, 40% of businesses surveyed stated that they did not feel that their marketing budget met all their marketing needs.

In tougher times, the marketing budget is often the first thing that is cut. Yet it is commonly known that companies which consistently market themselves in a recession perform better than those that don’t. So:

  • How can companies budget better to create the results they want?
  • What can companies do to budget effectively for the year ahead?

Fit your strategy around your target market Sigue leyendo

Expert Online Business | By Silvia Pencak

 Expert Online Business |

Expert Online BusinessIf you want to grow your profits, then having an expert online business is a great way to do so.  Expert online business is one that can maximize the benefits of the internet.

Internet is home to a large pool of potential customers that search the web each day, for information on products and services.

Research has found that more and more consumers are opting to research their purchases online. Some estimates suggest that as many as 70% of all consumers find out the information they need about products via the web, or their mobile devices. What this means is that each day there may be literally thousands of people searching online for your product. If your business does not have an online presence, you are missing out on sale opportunities that may not come your way again.

In order to get your expert online business to work for you, you must have a very effective online marketing strategy in place. Internet marketing is all about getting more customers using the tools available. If you have a website, then the goal is to drive more traffic to the website.  You then have the opportunity to convert visitors to customers.  They can either buy online, or at physical store locations.

Some of the key components to consider when devising your online marketing strategy include:

  • Targeting the right audience
  • Attracting the right audience
  • Converting potential customers
  • Retaining customers

It is important to know the demographics of the audience you wish to target, and then create a strategic plan that will pull them to your business. Sigue leyendo

How to Create a Twitter Marketing Strategy that Rocks | Written by Jeff Bullas

Jeffbullas’s Blog


There are many bloggers and brands that just leap onto Twitter, setup an account and start  tweeting. This random approach is fine if you are a person that is doing tweeting for fun and you want to share your rambling rantings to any Joe that  wants to leap into your stream and share sweet nothings.

Don’t be blinded by the shiny new Twitter tool, it needs to be used wisely and if you put in place a planned strategy it will deliver results that will delight and amaze.

The principles of a coherent marketing strategy should not be discarded because social media mania has turned your brain to mush. Twitter in the right hands with the right plan and approach is a very sharp marketing tool.

Twitter is the Perfect Marketing Channel for Bloggers

Top bloggers have now realized that Twitter is a very effective and highly leveraged social media marketing platform to engage with a highly targeted audience and a channel that drives traffic and adds to and enhances their current marketing.

Twitter provides you with a potential audience of over 220 million but those that are interested in your topic of choice will be a subset of that big number. Finding that audience whether it be car lovers, or fashion tragics will be an important component of your strategy as well as achieving goals that are included in your plans.

So Where do you Start?

There are some Twitter basics that are vital when setting up your Twitter account

1. Create a Twitter account that has the same name as your blog domain

2. Include a link to your blog in your settings

3. Include your location

4. Upload a logo or photo that is consistent with your blog branding

5. Include a Twitter background that suits your brand image

6. Include a description in your Twitter settings that include “key words” that are congruent with your blog topic that Google will like.

So you have set up your account which has the  essentials completed, it’s now time to create a Twitter marketing strategy.

Twitter Marketing Strategy Blueprint… Sigue leyendo

10 Tips for Tradeshow Season – Giveaways That are Sure to Generate Buzz for Your Brand

By  |

Spring is just around the corner, bringing warmer weather, blooming trees, bright flowers and – marketers, take note! – a flood of tradeshows. Yes, it’s time to unpack those banners, refresh booth designs and determine event marketing strategies. As planning gets underway and companies prepare to draw visitors to their booths, promotional giveaways form an important part of marketing strategies.

From durable bags and vibrant buttons to catchy pens and must-have notepads, promotional items – which highlight your company’s logo – play a key role in generating buzz for your brand that lasts long after an event has ended. Need proof? According to the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), 89 percent of consumers who received a promotional giveaway in the last two years could recall that product’s advertiser. What’s more, 52 percent of recipients report doing business with a company after receiving its promotional item.

What’s the secret for selecting memorable giveaways that will provide maximum impact and brand recognition? Here are 10 tips for making your promotional items stand out in the sea of booths at your next tradeshow >>>> Sigue leyendo

4 Hot Analytics Trends That Are Effective And Profitable


We all know these days that a good marketing strategy always includes a digital component…like email, blogs, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.

And we all also know that a good digital marketing strategy must be measured and monitored with analytics.

But there are literally hundreds of choices you have to make. Unfortunately, you probably don’t know which ones to choose…so you close your eyes and pick.

That’s a horrible strategy.

Instead, jump on some of the following digital trend and the tools that help you monitor those trends so you can make your digital marketing strategies both effective and profitable>>> Sigue leyendo

No Bullshit Social Media


A few months ago I was lucky enough to attend a social media conference where Jason Falls spoke as the keynote speaker. Not only did he spread a little humor throughout the room, but he also shared some pretty intriguing thoughts about social media marketing today and why it should be part of your overall marketing strategy.

I spoke with Falls after the conference and it was clear he is passionate about the subject. He believes in the power of the discipline as a potential vehicle for business development, customer service and yes, driving sales. That’s right folks, social media marketing, referred to in the book No Bullshit Social Mediacan be an invaluable tool for your company to use for research and development, customer relations and lead generation.  All of this, my friends, can be your result if you have the proper strategy in place that suits your respective brand and business model.

So I give you my main takeaways from No Bullshit Social Media, as they will help further explain how to best integrate social media marketing into your overall business model.

Know the facts and how they relate to your brand

The fact of the matter is that social media is not going away. It’s here to stay, so the smart thing to do is to figure out how you can strategically integrate social into your marketing program. There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy or plan, so knowing what your business needs to accomplish ahead of time is crucial in determining how you willmeasure social media marketing for your brand. Only you can determine what success looks like for your business and set goals accordingly.

Social Media vs. Social Media Marketing:

We’re past the point of joining the conversation and engaging. If you’re ready for the big leagues, it’s time to start talking strategy and how you can affect your brand’s business with social media marketing. Falls and Deckers simply sum it up with “Social Media is for Hippies. Social Media Marketing is for Business.” Well-said.

Social media and public relations work together: Sigue leyendo

Why Strategy Matters in Business

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” Sun Tzu

A business strategy is a set of planned tactics, or steps, that ensure a successful business. A strategy must be carefully planned and executed in order to achieve a desired goal. Starting a new business or advancing a company to the next level is no different. A strategy is the direction one must take to reach the desired goal and tactics are steps that need to be taken to travel in the right direction. Almost all businesses have five strategies in common – marketing strategy, product strategy, pricing strategy, financial strategy, and operational strategy. It is imperative that entrepreneurs take time to research and create a strategic business plan with all of the steps included and stretching your business forward.

1. Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy targets a desired audience and designs advertisements aimed at that particular audience. This strategy also involves researching similar businesses, their products and /or services, and their advertising methods. Companies can use this information to outshine the competitor’s advertisements, products, and services. Today, one of the most popular, as well as successful, marketing strategies is social media, in all its forums and platforms, on the internet… Sigue leyendo

4+ Recommendations To Enhance B2B SEO Initiatives

The start of the new year is the ideal time for B2B search engine marketers to reassess website strategy and determine where enhancements could be made to benefit SEO visibility.

With budgets still in review and benchmarks being set, focusing on site enhancements first could help maximize the benefits of all ongoing SEO initiatives, that are realized over the course of the year.

Marketingsherpa just released its 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report and two points helped shape this column. First, B2B marketers experienced severe declines in the tactical effectiveness of two top initiatives, website strategy and SEO.

B2B marketing effectiveness

Second, while the B2B marketing role has not really changed, leading “cutting edge” initiatives and creating buzz continue to grow in priority, along with lead generation initiatives as a whole. Sigue leyendo

Why brands need fan action, not fan acquisition

Simon Mainwaring |

Originally posted at   Follow Simon on twitter

As more brands embrace social media as a marketing strategy, many are racing to establish a sizable social footprint. For their marketers, that translates to creative briefs like, “How can you get me to a million Facebook fans fast?’ or “What bots can I use to fast-track my followers on twitter?” This inevitably begs the question: “What good are a million Facebook fans if they are not engaged and won’t do anything for the brand?’

Brands must work to inspire fan action, not merely seek fan acquisition. A thousand fans that share the same core values, that find a brand’s communications meaningful and that are willing to do, say or buy something for the brand are far more valuable than one hundred thousand passive members. In fact, if a brand is only after numbers, they are not only wasting their marketing dollars but the dynamics of social media will work against them. Consumers now look to brands for transparency, authenticity and accountability . That means a brand must show genuine interest in their community as Zappos, Ford, Dell, Nike, Pepsi, Old Spice and Starbucks have done. If they treat Facebook as yet another broadcast medium and twitter like direct mail, the only thing they will demonstrate is their total lack of understanding of social media dynamics. Sigue leyendo

30 Fresh and Beautiful Web Designs

Gisele Muller |

Every Monday we showcase a collection of inspiring web designs to get your week started on a good note. We normally focus the collections on a particular category, but this week we are doing something a little different. We noticed that you probably were missing out on some great looking sites because they didn’t fit into the categories were were covering. So this week we are showcasing a mixture of designs that don’t necessarily belong in the same niche, but do have something in common…beauty. Enjoy!

Ricardo Saavedra

I helped companies clarify their brand’s strategy, then create message to be spread through user-friendly websites, memorable online campaigns and effective social media marketing strategies.


Shaping the Page

We design beautiful interfaces, websites, and print projects for a variety of developers, businesses, and organizations.


Zero Zero Project

In the same way that the 00 visual identity symbolises the duality of collaboration and the act of binding collaborators, ideas, processes and philosophies together, The Collective V are very proud to bring you 00 Volume 01, Black Material Robert Knoke with 3 Deep.


Lost World’s Fairs

Internet Explorer 9 now supports WOFF, and the Friends of Mighty have joined forces to explore typographic possibilities on the web.


Eight Hour Day

A Couple That Loves to Create. Eight Hour Day is a design boutique, and we love what we do. It’s who we are.

randominsp06 Sigue leyendo

Avoid the Overlapping Value Proposition

No brand is immune to competition. Even market leaders have their nemesis, and direct competitors keep a company from having the entire pie for itself. In many cases, competition can actually be mutually beneficial, as it keeps the competing parties from becoming complacent. In always trying to outdo each other, the companies push themselves to improve their brands and the products or services they carry. It is a welcome cycle that not many businesses want to admit (or enjoy).

Competitive analysis begins in much the same way a company would evaluate its own brand. You can examine your competitor’s value proposition in I3 terms based on their marketing claims. Find out exactly what they are saying that gives them an edge from their competition and compare that to your own unique selling points. If both of you are claiming the same thing, you end up canceling each other out on that factor, all other things remaining equal. I call this the overlapping value proposition: two companies making equally valid claims to a differentiator, neutralizing each other in the market on that attribute. Sigue leyendo

Selling is Not Smoke and Mirrors

There used to be a time when ads had to be written with hyperbole. ‘Amazing,’ ‘Miraculous’ and ‘Spectacular’ made common appearances in old print ads, usually in large bold letters. Add to that a few more impressive, flowery phrases and an image of a person with a wide-mouthed smile, and the product was almost as good as sold.

Selling meant singing nothing but praises, and getting customers to buy was the only end point for marketing efforts.

And then… it changed. Over the years, sales and marketing have become quite sophisticated due in part to evolving consumer behaviors and expectations. Today’s customers are not as so easily wowed by “smoke and mirrors”. It is not enough that marketers say their product is the best. Even ‘New!’ doesn’t work as well any more. We live in an over-saturated — over-messaged – marketplace. Nothing is really new, and every trick in the book has already been tried and tested. Smoke and mirrors, flowery words and calls to action do nothing except annoy consumers and make them ignore the product being promoted in that way. Of course, direct marketing and hard sells live on in the world of infomercials – but fundamental brand advertising has changed. Sigue leyendo

Recession Survival Tips For Online Businesses

In a recession, companies go one of two ways: either they become the cautious cat, adopting a wait-and-see attitude, spending carefully on their marketing and less overall, cutting back, or they become the ferocious lion, bold, taking advantage of their competitors’ caution to seize opportunities in the tough market.

Whatever your approach, remember that Web marketing is a great investment during a recession. Online marketing, though a short-term endeavor, is quick to set up, measurable and, as a result, easily optimizable. It can be infinitely better than a lock-in marketing strategy or partnership, especially in a poor economic climate.

Here are three Recession “R”s, to help your business take advantage of online marketing in this challenging time. Rework, Revisit, Reach Out: let’s take a closer look at survival tips and strategies for online marketing.

Survival1 in Recession Survival Tips For Online Businesses
Illustration by Simon Newton

[Offtopic: by the way, did you already get your copy of the Smashing Book?]


Apart from the occasional spring clean, no one really enjoys housekeeping because it feels like hard work. However, a spring clean or review of your website could reveal some hidden strengths and allow you to address some simple yet fundamental drawbacks. Sigue leyendo

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