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Localmind: preguntas, respuestas y geolocalización

Localmind es una aplicación que demuestra perfectamente cómo será ese futuro SoLoMo (social, local, móvil) sobre el que todos los analistas hablan. La app ubica al usuario en el mapa de su zona, le permite responder a preguntas o realizarlas sobre el ocio de la zona (“¿una buena recomendación para brunch por aquí?” es uno de los ejemplos que se encuentran en Madrid) y descubrir quién está en cada uno de esos lugares para preguntarle directamente sobre ellos. El leit motiv de la aplicación es “descubrir qué está pasando ahora mismo”.

El servicio se liga a Facebook Places, Foursquarela difunta Gowalla, cuyas ID son las que se emplean para acceder a Localmind. La app recopila los checkins realizados por el usuario y lo convierte automáticamente en un ‘experto preguntable’ sobre esos lugares. Cuando otro usuario navegue por el mapa de su zona, encontrará unos indicadores con el logo de la app (un cerebro) que le reenviarán al experto asociado y podrá preguntarle directamente sobre ese lugar. Como en otros servicios de geolocalización, cada acción realizada permite aumentar el karma del usuario.

Localmind tiene ya 100.000 usuarios, según explican en su información para prensa, y está disponible en todo el mundo, aunque fuera de Estados Unidos tiene menos éxito. El mapa de Madrid no cuenta con muchos puntos destacados para preguntar y todos están ligados a prácticamente los mismos usuarios.

La app está únicamente en inglés… download kink Sigue leyendo

Karma as a Social Interaction Design Pattern in Websites

by Jason Gross

Karma as a Social Interaction Design Pattern in Websites

The principles of karma are understood worldwide. We all like to believe that the good deeds and actions we do will be returned to us in one way or another. At its core, karma encourages us to help others.

Most of us were introduced to systems that promote good behavior as early as elementary school. Kids who misbehaved would endure punishments such as restricted play times and detention, while those who excelled and conducted themselves properly received rewards and extra credit, even if it was simply a gold star sticker.

Karma as a Social Interaction Design Pattern in Websites

In consumerism, loyal patronage is rewarded at gas stations, airlines, grocery stores, and so forth through loyalty cards where customers receive special discounts and benefits once they collect enough points.

Karma as a Social Interaction Design Pattern in Websites

The Effectiveness of Karma Systems in Social Websites

Karma as a game mechanic works wonderfully in social systems. We see karma game mechanics in action most frequently for user contributions in sites like Reddit, Hacker News (HN), Stack Overflow, and Foursquare.

While each of these sites (along with the many more that have similar features) employ their own algorithms for determining a user’s karma standing, the general idea tends to be pretty consistent: Good actions (such as submitting good links or flagging link spam) increases your karma, while bad actions (like submitting spam or trolling) decreases karma.

In the social web, karma allows a community to self-regulate itself, which tremendously helps in scalability. For example, Reddit — one of the biggest websites in the world, garnering close to half a billion page views a month — is able to run with only 6 staff members, no doubt thanks to the help of the millions of people who use the site and the karma system Reddit has developed.

Karma as a Social Interaction Design Pattern in Websites Sigue leyendo

Use of Geosocial Services is Underwhelming — for Now

Based on a Pew Internet survey released this morning, only 4 percent of American adults who go online on a regular basis are using any form of geosocial or location-based services like Foursquare. And on any given day, only 1 percent of internet users are taking advantage of these services. To complete the survey, Pew Research Center‘s Internet & American Life Project, based in Washington, D.C., contacted 3,001 ages 18 and older between Aug. 9 and Sept. 13, 2010.

Not surprisingly, the report shows that those who are in the habit of sharing their immediate location with their friends — or “checking in” with acquaintances who might be in the immediate neighborhood — are more likely to be young and mobile adults between the ages of 18 and 29. These geosocial gadflies who go online with their mobile phones use a location-based service like Foursquare or Gowalla, according to the study.

But perhaps we should take a second to describe the geosocial service to those who might be unfamiliar with the concept. Location-based services, which run on standalone software applications, or “apps,” permit users of smartphones and other mobile devices to notify friends when the user is nearby Sigue leyendo

How Fun is Your Website?

by Jason Gross | 4 Comments | Stumble It! Delicious

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How Fun is Your Website?

The secret to success for a website these days is really no secret at all. Websites that really bring home the bacon are the ones driven by loyal visitors who frequent the site on a regular basis. Building a community like this often takes a lot of time and loads of great content.

But is there a way to shortcut the tried and true methods of great material and great marketing?

What if a website were fun to play?

Games and gaming are two terms that are quickly finding themselves a new meaning on the web. What used to be associated with an acne-prone teenager alone in a windowless basement is being transformed into a socially hip hobby. The age range for gaming is expanding, and the activities that include gaming features are shifting as well.

Games in general are nothing new. For centuries, we have been enjoying sports, card games, and board games. In the past few decades, the evolution of video games has spawned the modern “casual game.” On the web, these games include online Flash games, mobile apps, and most recently, social networking and community-oriented websites.

Gaming, most recently, has entered the social media space, in incarnations such as Foursquare and Gowalla, as well as Facebook applications such as FarmVille, with great success. While the likes of location-aware social networking services like Foursquare and Gowalla may not seem like much of a game at first — don’t be fooled. Checking into your favorite locations in order to earn rewards such as points or badges is a solid game element.


Is gaming something that can be incorporated into a website in order to draw in a wider audience? And more importantly, can game mechanics keep our users coming back? Sigue leyendo

What Is It You Do? The Need For Simplicity

Warren Buffet is famous for telling people they should only invest in businesses they understand. A corollary to that is that a company should be able to describe in simple terms what they do. Even if what they do is really technical and complicated.

Why? First so employees and investors can get on board and help the company get where it wants to go. But it’s just as important that your potential customers know what you can do for them. And just because you offer a product to businesses or developers instead of everyday consumers doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep things simple.

We see startups all the time that we don’t understand. I used to think I was just in over my head. But over the years I’ve met CEOs who can explain the most complicated technology in relatively simple terms via analogies or use cases. Those that can’t aren’t doing their job.

Not to pick on SimpleGeo, but I will. A developer I know emailed me this Quora conversation this evening where another developer was asking what the heck SimpleGEO does: Sigue leyendo

Study: Location-Based Services Users are Passionate but Niche

By Sarah Perez<!– –>

A new report released today from mobile media provider Myxer examines the current trends among “check-in” applications, that is, the particular group of location-based mobile social networks that allow users to announce their arrival at a specific venue in return for rewards, coupons, deals or other offers. The company found that among the top mobile check-in applications, there was a clear leader: Booyah Networks’ MyTown, a location-based game built around your own city’s local shops and businesses. MyTown is heavily favored by consumers, attracting 56% of the mobile audience that uses location-based applications such as these. Loopt was in second place, with 12% of users and Gowalla and Foursquare lagged even further behind, at only 8% each.

However, only 11% of mobile users are participating in the location-based social networking community, with the majority of mobile users claiming they’re simply “not interested” in these types services.

Myxer surveyed over 1,500 users in the U.S. and found that only 11% of the respondents used these location-based mobile applications. While that figure seems low, it’s actually several points higher than analyst firm Forrester Research’s report from July, which claimed that only 4% of U.S. adults used apps like these.

Forrester also claimed that only 1% of those who use location-based apps do so more than once per week. Myxer, however, found heavier usage. 31% of those surveyed claimed they check-in a couple of times per week, 30% check in once per day, 26% check in every hour (who are these people, we wonder?) and 13% said they check in just a couple of times per month.

The new survey also found that the use of location-based services is increasing within its user base, with 74% saying they’ve been using the apps more often than before, while 27% said they’ve been decreasing their use. Nearly half (47%) of respondents say they use 2-5 location-based social networks, 45% say they use just one and only 8% say they use 6 or more. Sigue leyendo

Location is Now Part of the Social Graph — 3 Implications


by Irfan Kamal

According to Comscore, over 25 million users accessed Facebook via a mobile phone in Jan 2010, a 112% year-over-year increase.

With its initial US-based rollout of Places location functionality on the 30+ million iPhone installed base, Facebook joins Twitter and others in embracing the growing use of smartphones for social networking.

Importantly, this change allows Facebook to expand users’ social graphs beyond such items as friends, product/service affinities and demographics to now include location.

Here are three thoughts on implications for marketers, agencies and social location startups:

Location checkins should help drive impulse and, to some extent, planned purchases. It’s clear that coupons, discounts and other promotions will be important for increasing share of wallet — particularly for the impulse purchases estimated to account for 20+% of consumer spending. Companies like Shopkick are already implementing functionality to enable this, and it’s clearly going to be of value in driving revenue for a wide range of companies. Sigue leyendo

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