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10.10.10 and 01.01.01 Good readings !!

And You Can read today 10/10/10:

Modernizers, preservationists and Innovation by Tim Kastelle

Adam Thierer wrote a terrific post today exploring his theme optimists and pessimists major ongoing Comparing Internet. Has he written a very interesting series of posts Assessing the arguments of the pessimists That Think That the impact of the Internet on society is Generally bad (eg Nick Carr, Andrew Keen, Jaron Lanier), and the optimists think That That the Internet is transformational , and positive (eg, Clay Shirky, Kevin Kelly, all the guys Cluetrain Manifesto).

How to fight the confirmation bias by Jorge Barba

Aha! you got an idea and you want to add the research to know if you’re idea has wings. You set up google alerts, hashtags on twitter about related topics, follow people in the know, join related groups on Linkedin, etc.. .. You know the drill!

The future of open innovation by Oliver Gassmann, Ellen Enkel & Henry Chesbrough via @ ralph_ohr

Institutional openness is becoming Increasingly popular in practice and academia: open innovation, open R & D, and open business models. This special issue builds on the concepts, underlying Assumptions and Implications discussed in two previous R & D Management Special Issue (2006, 2009).

The Power Of Storytelling by chrisbrogan via @ Ariegoldshlager

Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.
-Robert McKee

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Great readings about innovations | Por jabaldaia

You have wanted to read about innovation?


Rethinking the Role of Human Resources – Design Thinking

Por jabaldaia

Recognize and reward creativity

“Fortunately, companies can now prepare itself for the changed dynamics of hiring that lie ahead. All you have to do is stop acting like big companies bureaucratic and impersonal, and begin to create a fast moving and a vibrant atmosphere. Companies will need to mimic the rise in small businesses and provide entrepreneurial initiatives as a natural thing. Teams will be smaller, flatter organizations , and the values of honesty , informality and innovation should be introduced into the culture. People will need to feel that what they say matters, regardless of the classification and title. Perhaps most important, is that organizations need to understand that when the recovery comes, the stars will no longer wait around for them to be given the authority to make decisions or to be promoted. The alternative of running your own show has a very strong appeal. “- Jack Welsh – Business Week

Is not innocent the meaning behind these words of JW

It’s a warning to all those responsible for Human Resources, which has long been filling his professional life , not just with pictures of discouragement produced by a culture that has always favored the to be rewarded for doing well what was established and never rewarded creativity.

The Human Resources as part of the organizations have been looking at and have been left looking like weak elements in the chain of organizational values.

People involved in the traditional Human Resources feel confronted with more fluid business environments with multiple implications of evaluations, awards and contracts.


HR’s Strategic Role in Innovation by Deb Mills-Scofield

Historically, HR has not played a very strategic role in innovation. This needs to change. HR needs to support the culture change to enable innovation; and the upcoming generation isn’t going to settle for an ‘administrative-only’ role.

On happiness and value innovation by JORGE BARBA

I’ve been thinking about and pounding you in this blog with the idea of not wasting people’s time (also see here). I found out two things today, one is that I’m not the only one thinking about it and second that recent research says that in order for people to be happy we like to spend a certain amount of time on some activities.

Why smaller companies should embrace open innovation by Stefan Lindegaard

Open innovation at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) presents both great opportunities and great challenges. Forming open innovation relationships can give a growing enterprise access to resources that might normally are beyond their reach with the potential for greatly speeding up time to market.


Will SME feed the large companies in Open Innovation ?

Por jabaldaia

A Portuguese case

Small and medium enterprises, around the world are the drivers of global technological innovation and economic development.

It is likely that its importance has been obscured by the shadow of large multinational companies. In fact the news and exchange of opinion almost always fall into the issues of concern to companies like Microsoft, Apple and IBM among others.

If we imagine that these companies with the size of IBM are large trees in a dense forest, you’ll find around them small businesses that feed and make possible the majestic visibility of companies like Apple or Microsoft.

Are small and medium-sized plants that remain alive and strong the big trees!

These ecosystems are a good analogy with the open innovation with regard to the participation of each firm in the innovation process of a product or service.

SMEs embrace open innovation mainly for reasons related to the market, such as answering customer requirements (often large companies) or to remain in competition with competitors.

To live in an environment of unequal size SMEs face challenges as the most important challenges organizational and cultural issues. These challenges are a consequence of having to deal with the increase of external contacts.

Open innovation can be seen from several perspectives that are based on a combination of absorption and transfer of knowledge and / or technology.

– Companies use licensing of intellectual property as a way of obtaining return.

– Companies set of co-development partnerships as a means to innovate the business model that allows increasing the innovation performance in business.

– Companies establish cooperation with scientific and technological system. This connection enables the research undertaken in universities and institutes of R & D meets the industrial requirements, allowing the expertise of each entity and hence generate returns for both parties.


Do not wait for the generation y! Become a design thinker!

Por jabaldaia

(Text in Portuguese after this )

Profound insights

Most companies have had their lives guided by the principles of maximizing of the existing as the best way to get the maximum profit. Their leaders have no concern with what is valid and reject the possibility to take the risk by establishing a dialogue to reach a decision.

Thus these companies will never be able to deliver to the user or consumer products under the brand “Wow!”

Here are three assumptions to develop a response according to Gary Hamel- “W

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Reflections on Open Innovation

“The next challenge of Open Innovation ” is the title of a article HBR in John Hagel III and John Seely Brown, who points out some directions , not way forward, but questions.

There you can read …“Thus it’s little surprise that nearly every company now has some sort of experiment or program relating to open innovation. Open innovation means reaching out to take advantage of talent beyond the firm (or responding to such outreach opportunities). It’s a terrific concept, borne out by several oft-repeated examples such as InnoCentive and GoldCorp.

But are companies, with all their good intentions, getting the most from open innovation? We suspect that the initial successes, encouraging as they are, represent only the beginning. What if open innovation were defined more broadly and more ambitiously? Could even greater value be realized? If so, what would the next wave of open innovation look like?”

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Innovation Culture – We do not need a genius!

Managing people and spaces

“Managing people and caring about people is where the value is, because that is where the creativity is, where the innovation is.” – Steve Vamos

It is not easy to understand creativity and innovation without knowledge, especially since much of the innovative production processes resulted from R & D.

Without knowledge the paths of innovation are short or there is not even a starting point.

– David Rock says that scientific research found four steps in the process of insight:

– Awareness of the impasse

– The time for reflection

– The moment of introspection itself

– Action.

It is our capacity for reflection that calls for a special status to have a quiet space and time to be focused.

Organizations need to lose fear to the creativity and create space and time to facilitate the combination of inspiration and the fringes of knowledge. The networks are of course facilitators of this process, but do not exempt a proper environment for the creation and direct contacts with other people.

People need not be subject to other stimuli that are often distractions.

The industrial era no longer exists and the concepts of normality are not the same. After all people still accepted as normal over- stimulation caused by the new digital revolution, like email, mobile or social networks, where the flags are a constant.

Leaders must encourage their employees to establish connections to find the deeper meaning of ideas and their purpose.

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The Open Innovation in the European Union (EU) environment

Everyone is being affected by this change from SMEs to Government organizations, but it seems that Europe has not changed enough.

R. Hudson says it takes:

– Focus on Excellence. If Europe wants to compete has to have the best research and ideas available.

– Focus on clusters. We need to focus resources on areas of high technology in order to attract bright students to its universities and companies for their rich business parks .

– Free SMEs. Small businesses are a major driver of ideas to the markets. We must encourage them financially.

– Buy smart. We need to provide the public services with the ability to purchase innovative products and services.

– Regulate smart. The setting is a sign of obligation and can lead to innovation.

Since 2009 it became clear that:

– It is essential to invest in new skills (people) and not only in technology (tools).

– The environmental concern is no longer exclusively green to be too gray and white in reference to creative thinking.

– “The new thinking” can be provided (with help), as is the case presented by Hudson, in terms of policies and regulations.

– The interdisciplinary team (economists, engineers, psychologists, designers, etc.) have guaranteed future. Everyone can create, conceptualize and implement ideas.

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Integrative thinking and the misuse of power

The cascade

Some say that the power affects the world view and I agree!

Some experiments show that people in a position of power shows to have patterns of behavior usually associated with fault zones of the cerebral cortex that control the empathy and the ability to imagine the world from the point of view of others .

The power destroys the ability to understand that there are other perspectives in addition to the hierarchy. The hierarchy works like a waterfall.

But there is no easy cure for the paradox of power. [Más…]

Keltner argues that “the best treatment is transparency, and that the worst abuses of power can be prevented when people know they are being monitored. This suggests that the mere existence of a guard dog or a regulatory active directory may help deter people from doing bad things.

However, people in power tend to reliably overestimate their moral virtue, which leads them to stifle oversight” Lehrer

But power can also be refined in other ways and become a lever for success as declaring the Mattimore Laura, Procter & Gamble.

“Integrative Thinking has become an essential component of the training and development program for our most senior managers at P&G. Our executives are able to take the lessons of integrative thinking back to their jobs with them, putting the tools into action to solve the thorniest issues in their businesses.”

How integrative thinking can help managers and holders of power to look into the “world” and for people as an important part in their decisions ?

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Open Innovation – The relationship between competence and motivation

When we talk about Open Innovation we talk about outside innovators that often are busy focusing on their own economic interests, which often results in fierce competition and little cooperation among them.

Companies that wish use external ideas , apart from knowing what kind of innovation is at stake and what the business model to follow, naturally have a concern whether, who provides these ideas is the possessor of certain skills.

Of course, one of those powers is the technical training, like that which is normally required for R & D. This is necessary to facilitate the communication processes and provide flexibility for innovation teams. There is a common language that is important and a necessary basis of trust.

For example, one of the major difficulties that arise in open innovation, when establishing protocols with universities is the ability to match the look of the business to the academic perspective.

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