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Digital Health

The digital revolution continues. Music, television, books, shopping, politics, and now… health care.

The health industry is poised to be next in the ever-growing list of industrial sectors to be transformed by digital technology.

Already there are electronic medical records, EKGs for smartphones, personal trainer apps, and calorie counters galore! But innovation in health care is booming as innovators launch applications and technologies that make health care more convenient, efficient, and affordable. Here are some of the key trends we see shaping up in the space.
1. Weight loss plans go digital.

Many of us are already familiar with the plethora of apps that promise to give us a healthier lifestyle. Motivational weight loss apps and calorie counters are in no short supply. Take, for example, Skimble’s Workout Trainer app that allows the user to follow along to professional workout routines using their mobile, iPad, or Apple TV.

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Wallpaper: Full Moon

Halloween: A night of terror celebrated worldwide.

For many, it is also a night to let loose and explore their personal creativity. This creative energy fuels some unbelievable costumes, amazing parties, and usually some pretty unique libations to go with.

Almost everyone has something that scares the living crap out of them. One of my fears happens to be being lost in an ominous forest teaming with unknown creatures and… maybe even worse… undead MySpace pages!

This fear is what inspired me to create this “spook-tacular” Halloween wallpaper. [Más…]

It depicts a night filled with fear and mystery. Bats fly; blood in their eyes, hungry for more. The underbrush is almost alive as it stretches out along the forest floor, slowly engulfing everything around it. The moon seems to grow brighter as the night grows longer, playing a game of cat and mouse with the ghostly clouds that loom ominously above. Without warning, the moon disappears, leaving you vulnerable, surrounded by darkness and an abrupt silence— “What the hell just touched me!?”

As you poke your head through the nearby brush you see nothing but mountains and a lone castle. You wonder who or what’s inside…is that a scream? The fear overwhelms you; your legs cease to move any further. Sweat beads across your fevered brow and your shaking is only making those lurking creatures more and more curious.

As the snarls, growls, and devilish chuckles inch ever closer, you panic, scrambling towards the castle. As you approach, you glance back, revealing a slew of blood shot eyes eager to pounce. Frantically, you bang on the castle doors for any sign of help, but no one’s there. Soon you feel the hot moisture of breath on the back of your neck, the slowly curling stench of death wafting from behind you. As you turn around, you suddenly black out… minutes later you find yourself in your room trembling with this story written in front of you…only to realize it was just “AN idea”…… Muhahahaahaahahahaahaa.

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The Future of Libraries

Author Alex | //

As I write this from a Starbucks, e-book within arm’s reach, it is perhaps only fitting that we discuss the future of books.

And while many a printed word has been dedicated to the certain demise of book publishing as we know it, far less has been said about how these changes are likely to affect another great (and free!) literary institution – the public library.

Google’s efforts to digitize the world’s books and create the world’s largest library online, coupled with the continued and inevitable rise of electronic book publishing, all but guarantees that the role of physical books will diminish for libraries over the years to come. In an age in which access to information is anything but scarce or restricted, libraries’ face a future where evolution is essential for their continued survival.

So, to ensure that beautiful brick building in your hometown doesn’t go the way of the Blockbuster, here are five small ideas that will be essential for the library of the future to master:
1. Act less like a book warehouse, and more like a community center.

Host book groups, readings from local authors, and children’s educational events. Ramp up involvement in activities that add value to your community in ways that are consistent with the purpose of libraries, but move beyond the need to access books themselves. While many libraries already do these things, it’s time to redouble efforts in these areas.
2. Get niche. Get local.

In the future, no single library will be able to compete with Google (or more broadly, the Internet) on its volume of books. Instead, libraries can add value by being more specialized and local than Google can be. In addition to acting as a community center, libraries can also explore the ability to fund local research initiatives, historical preservation efforts, and co-author books on the history of the local area.
3. Provide clarity and expertise.

If we’re all suffering from information overload, the best cure is expert advice and curation. Librarians can become a hugely valuable asset to their communities by simplifying the search for the right information, and making informed recommendations based on the tastes of the specific person seeking help.
4. Embrace interactivity.

For more than two decades, interactive learning tools have been steadily gaining traction in classrooms, learning centers, and at home. While most libraries have long since embraced the inclusion of computer labs and many have already begun creating multimedia rooms, it will be in every library’s best interest to continue to pursue new forms of interactive learning solutions to remain viable moving forward.
5. Create new, louder spaces.

Increasingly, people are becoming accustomed to working in collaborative, interactive settings. Libraries have an opportunity to not only alter their approach towards learning, but also physically alter their building spaces to match new learning styles. Rooms filled with books and card catalogues can give way to technologically advanced, collaborative workspaces. Large, cavernous atriums can be converted into semi-private alcoves more conducive to discussion (of all volumes) and group analysis. Silent librarians not permitted.
The Future of Libraries…

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In Want of Things We Can Touch

Author Brian // One of my favorite ad campaigns out there in the wild right now is Levi’s “We Are All Workers” from Wieden and Kennedy. Each piece consists of a beautiful black and white homage to the workingman, complimented

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The Devolution of Advertising

Author matt

Digital content consumption has become more and more a part of everyday life.

In fact, watching video online as seen a 46% uptick over the past year*. And while television has remained the dominant behemoth in the realm of entertainment and content consumption, certain trends have made advertisers re-examine the way they approach traditional, disruptive advertising.

Death of disruptive?

We’ve heard rumblings for the past few years about the general concern over the 30 second TV spot – is it still reaching consumers (and more importantly, young male consumers)? Our knee-jerk reaction was to start throwing money in the places we saw these target-rich eyeballs congregating – digital. Digital advertising saw immediate leaps in expenditure – 100’s of percent increase year of year; giant homepage takeovers; astronomical search programs and more banner impressions than you could ever imagine. To what end? Search provides a utilitarian value and is here to stay. But display? At the end of the day, its driving people to a commercial piece they’ve already seen. Is this an effective way to reach these consumers? Can we evolve our thinking?

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The Revolution Will Be Telepresenced

For some reason, I have never fully adopted the use of video conferencing.

In my defense, I think I’ve been pretty accepting when it comes to incorporating new technologies and communications platforms in my daily routine. Over the years, I’ve expanded from AIM and AOL chatrooms to GChat and message boards, from (gulp!) MiGente to Facebook and Twitter. But, so far, I’ve resisted the siren call of real time, face-to-face communiqué. And I believe my rationale is sound: I’m lazy.

Given my social circle, it would probably be laborious (and aggravating) for me to attempt to migrate my friends and coworkers into fully adopting a telepresence. And frankly, call me old fashioned, but I still prefer to be texted, emailed, and, depending on how serious the circumstance, (gasp!) called.

However, there is one desirable consumer segment that is already embracing (and taking ownership of) the telepresence platform as a viable platform for communication: teens.
Here’s Looking at You, Kids

The youth market- which I’d like to think I’m not completely removed from- is unique. They’ve never known a life without some form of digital-enabled, hyper-communication. And because of that, the rapid adoption (and abandonment) of new technology is second-nature to them.

Recently, I was chatting with a colleague who mentioned that her daughter (and all her friends) took to ooVoo every night to socialize.

Wait, ooVoo, the video conferencing software that I use to connect with coworkers is being used by 13 year-olds to casually shoot the breeze? Seems like overkill. (Almost as absurd as anyone other than doctors using pagers for communication!)

But upon further inspection, maybe I’m just a Luddite. In March, Ad Age reported that “although video calling and video instant messaging are still a small fraction of overall internet traffic, video communications will increase tenfold from 2008-2013.” Skype, ooVoo, iChat, GChat, Stickam and a growing number of other services have created a playing field for a new culture of communication that will likely have far-reaching cultural implications.

Teens’ use of “video chatting” might be the catalyst that precipitates the widespread adoption of the technology. If text messaging, IM, and prior to that, beepers are any indication, teens tend to sit at the vanguard of electronic communication, not only creating the credibility and initial user base that allows the critical mass to migrate, but also defining the rules of engagement (lexicon, etiquette) for the new platform.

The question is, however, how can brands offer value by engaging consumers through this platform-from-the-future?

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“As Seen on TV” and Building Trust

Author Alex
Between the Shake Weight, the rise of the Fashion Print Snuggie, and the deceased but, eerily still active Billy Mays, it occurs to me that we may be witnessing somewhat of an “As Seen on TV” renaissance.

And while “As Seen on TV” products have always been the red-headed step child of legitimate consumer brands, this new golden era of cheesy, direct-response marketing makes me wonder if the simple act of seeing a brand on TV still carries the same legitimizing weight it once did.

More to the point: is seeing a brand on TV still an effective way to build trust and drive purchase intent in 2010?

The answer, I think, is that while advertising on TV certainly can be effective at driving some key metrics, the notion of brand trust and “As Seen on TV” ain’t what it used to be. There are (at least) three reasons why:

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