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School of Medicine opens outdoor workout facility

Members of the School of Medicine community can now do a reps on TRX equipment between meetings, shoot hoops at lunch or participate in fitness classes after work at the medical school’s recently opened outdoor fitness facility.

Last Thursday, a crowd of 200 gathered at the new School of Medicine Sports Complex to test out the equipment and join in the ceremonial cutting of basketball nets. My colleague Margarita Gallardo covered the event and offers more details about the facility in an Inside Stanford Medicine story:

Just a few months ago, the complex was nothing but a dirt lot that served as the staging area for the Lokey Building. Now the area, the first of its kind at the medical school, is equipped with a full basketball court with a Nike Grind surface, Kompan outdoor exercise equipment, a TRX frame, benches and a water fountain. For those who want to play volleyball, the court is lined so that players can bring their own portable net and ball.

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Study suggests early-childhood anesthesia exposure may affect the brain

Research published this week in Pediatrics takes a newly rigorous approach to investigating whether anesthesia exposure harms young children’s developing brains. The results suggest that even a single anesthesia exposure before age 3 could hurt kids’ language skills and abstract reasoning abilities.

Earlier studies, including those in animals, had suggested that anesthesia drugs harm young brains, but none had taken such a direct approach to the question as the new paper. In the latest study, Columbia University’s Caleb Ing, MD, and colleagues studied a group of 2,608 Australian children, 321 of whom received anesthesia at least once before age 3. At age 10, the children’s cognitive function was rigorously tested. Scores for skill in expressive language (the ability to form words and sentences) and receptive language (understanding what others say) were both lower in children who had been exposed to anesthesia than those never exposed, as were abstract-reasoning scores. Motor skills, behavior, and visual tracking and attention were not different between the groups. Sigue leyendo

How flatworms may advance research on tissue maintenance and organ regeneration

Here’s an interesting video recently posted by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences that you may have missed.

The video explains how scientists at Stowers Institute for Medical Research are studying the flatworm Schmidtea mediterranea to gain insights into tissue maintenance and organ regeneration, specifically the evolutionary origin of mammalian kidneys. Sigue leyendo

Even low blood lead levels are associated with gout

Gout, which has been called “the disease of kings,” is associated with the lifestyle that most people in the industrialized world enjoy these days. It will affect about 1-2 percent of adults in richer countries at one point or another over the course of their lives, which have lengthened considerably since the days when kings were the rule rather than the exception. About half of all cases of the painful arthritic condition occur in the big toe.

Lead exposure has long been known to be strongly associated with susceptibility to gout. But in a new study published in Annals of Internal Medicine, Stanford rheumatologist Eswar Krishnan, MD, and his colleagues used data from an annual federal health survey, the National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey, to show that the risk of gout increases even at very blood levels of lead – about one-twentieth of that considered to be “elevated” under current standards promoted by organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization. Sigue leyendo

The ten commandments of Twitter #infographic #socialmedia

The Ten Commandments of Twitter

Sound QR codes offer new advertising possibilities


We have already seen SonicNotify offer a way for advertisers and event organisers to deliver content to smartphones using inaudible sound waves, and now UK-based app Chirp is also aiming to turn sound into a vehicle for data transmission. Sigue leyendo

La importancia del título o asunto de tus emails



Llevamos años usando el email y sin embargo, seguimos teniendo un problema con la gestión de los emails que recibimos. Parece raro por lo menos que usando el email como una de nuestras principales formas de comunicación, a diario y en casi todos los ámbitos de nuestra vida, aún hoy sea un gran dolor de cabeza para muchas personas.

Uno de los detalles en los que muchos no reparan es el del asunto (subject en inglés) del email, y sin embargo es uno de los más importantes para la transmisión del mensaje, el desarrollo de la conversación y las búsquedas posteriores.

Mira los emails no leídos de tu bandeja de entrada. Probablemente haya muchos (sí, es un mal de nuestro tiempo), pero ahora detente en los títulos de esos emails. Seguramente tu vista irá rápidamente a algunos y leerás primero esos, o entenderás mejor un mensaje cuando haya tenido un buen asunto o subject. El subject o asunto permite preparar al destinatario del email sobre lo que va a leer a continuación, y eso puede agilizar mucho la comprensión del mensaje, la toma de acción o evitar malentendidos posteriores.

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The Ultimate Guide To Social Media Advertising | vía

With advertising budgets for more expensive media being gradually reduced, we’re consistently seeing positive figures for the rise in online advertising, with some reporting a 17.2% increase from 2011 to 2012. Increasingly, the trend is to allocate this ad spend on a niche basis by focusing on the relevant social network. Facebook set the trend here by making a self-serve ad system available to marketers, with no minimum spend required – similar to the way in which Google Adwords functions.

Other sites have now followed suit like LinkedIn, and Twitter is ultimately heading that way, albeit whilst dragging their feet towards making it completely open for advertisers. For brands and marketers, this represents a whole new approach to advertising: Ultimately it’s more trackable, has improved targeting options and has improved analytics. There are also many untapped opportunities, most notable in mobile advertising. Facebook’s problems with this are well documented, with Twitter more capable of adapting their existing ad system for mobile users.

As more advertisers turn towards social advertising, costs are evidently rising, but by looking outside of the big player of Facebook, you can run targeted ad campaigns that get you in front of the right audience as a part of their social experience as opposed to interrupting it.


1) Facebook Advertising
Case Studies
 Twitter Advertising
Case Studies
 LinkedIn Advertising
Case Studies
 Foursquare Advertising
Case Studies
 Infographic Sources

Facebook Advertising

When it comes to social advertising, Facebook is obviously the biggest platform to use. It has an incredible amount of information on how to use the platform as well as case studies and tips that you can avail of. The fact that they collect so much personal data allows you to target ads precisely, which can help drive excellent results if used correctly. Here are some of their excellent resources.

Facebook Marketing Page
As you would expect, there is a Facebook page dedicated to tips, tricks and info about the Facebook marketing platform. It is a good place to stay on top of all the latest trends on pages and advertising.

Facebook Offers
A brand new offering from Facebook and only in the process of being rolled out at the moment. Offers are seen as one of the main ways in which brands and small businesses will be able to generate real revenue through Facebook.


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Closing the Empathy Gap


Anyone who tried to avoid hearing the Olympic results until the events aired hours later here in the United States knows how easily information flows across our social networks and into our consciousness. It didn’t matter if you preferred to wait to hear the results of the Men’s 400 meter relay.  If it mattered to your social network, the results of the race were going to find a way to get to you. 

The degree to which social media has become part of our every-day lives allow for greater opportunities for brands to understand and even empathize with consumers. Most brands have established listening posts, using either paid tools or at least a rudimentary Google alert-style monitoring program. These are designed to spot and quickly address detractors, and to uncover pockets of advocates and amplify those positive experiences.

But now, many brands are evolving those listening posts into new sources of empathy. New ways of understanding consumers and turning those insights into a competitive advantage.  This effort requires the social data and conversation-mapping experience, as well as the active participation of the Planning department.

The New York Times recently covered the “social focus group” phenomena describing the ways many brands use social media for product development/testing.  This is an especially important development for marketers, and actually brings us back to the time of Mad Men, when advertising agencies were so tied to product development that they had test kitchens in the office.  All of this is designed to break down some of the bureaucratic fortresses built up over the last 25 years, and get brand managers in closer proximity to, you know, real people.

As brands and agencies work to close this empathy gap, we’ll begin to discover there are many roles social media can augment, or even lead, in traditional planning research.   This is because great ideas are built on a cultural tension — some bigger issue that is, in some way, tangled up with the brand values*.

Social media, specifically real people engaging in continuous non-branded conversations, can help us chart this terrain.  This is based on the simple premise that most people do not talk much about brands in their daily lives,about 10 brand references per day on average —almost all in passing.**

So, how do we move from elementary listening and responding to a more sophisticated source of insight for planning creative, effective programs? Here’s an imperfect list of sources of empathy, and how brands are using the insights to drive business results.

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Showcase of Incredible Design Portfolios From All Over the World


No matter when or why you find yourself browsing the internet, there is no short of different logos, websites and print designs filling the web. Having experience in the fields helps one to distinguish the visual candy from the beauty of great web design. In this information age the competition remains fierce, always causing the bar to be raised. With so many creative people focused on web design, it takes a log to stand out from the crowds.

Generally speaking, some of the most unusual and amazing websites belong to designers. Of course, there are a lot of designers who have no site or one that doesn’t show off the full power of their skills. As the saying goes, “the cobbler’s children go unshod”.

A designer’s website should be surprising. Looking at a designer’s or web studio’s site should allow a potential customer to draw a conclusion about their talent and technical skills. Portfolios are an extremely important part of a designer’s website, but that doesn’t mean that any other parts can just be thrown together. Think about it. If you were a customer, you wouldn’t choose a designer whose site doesn’t impress you.

Today we’d like to share with you an showcase of incredible design portfolios from all around the world. A lot of effort and time has been invested since the designer’s first sketch was created to the wonderful design you can see now. So take a look, and get inspired.

[Note: Have you already ordered your copy of our Printed Smashing Book #3? The book is a professional guide on how to redesign websites and it also introduces a whole new mindset for progressive Web design, written by experts for you.]

Talent and Skills Put into Practice

Domani Web Studio

designers sites

Iji Digital Web studio

designers sites

Pianofuzz Web studio

designers sites

Cafundoe Web Studio

designers sites

Carsonified Web Studio

designers sites

Ica Lab Web Studio

designers sites

XHTML Kitchen web Design and Development Studio

designers sites

ONY Web Studio

designers sites

Nile Web Studio

designers sites

Just Be Nice studio

designers sites

Creative People Agency

designers sites

Instinct Web Agency

designers sites

73dpi Ukrainian Web Studio

designers sites

FabWebDesign by Fabrizio Michels (CSS winner)

designers sites

Liechtenecker is Germany Web Agency

designers sites

SiteSoft Design Studio

designers sites

SmallStudio Creative Agency

designers sites

StudioBreakfast Design and Web Studio

designers sites

Florian Bernard’s Portfolio 13flo

designers sites

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Online Dictation, ‘webapp’ gratuita que transcribe lo que le dictemos

Online Dictation

Hay que ver la cantidad de herramientas que he encontrado estos días afinando un poco la búsqueda. Por supuesto que pienso compartirlas con todos vosotros, empezando por una aplicación web gratuita llamada Online Dictation. Esta práctica herramienta puede ser de gran utilidad a la hora de transcribir textos sin tener que aporrear el teclado a toda prisa. Se basa en el atributo x-webkit-speech de HTML 5 que sólo está implementado en Chrome, por lo que no será posible utilizar otro navegador. Sigue leyendo

QR codes can be highly practical when you know how to use them

QR codes

Though marketers continually debate their value, these barcodes can be very useful.

This year has seen a massive use of QR codes by marketers, but consumers have been slow to catch on to what these digital barcodes are and how they can be used.

While some say the technology’s time is up, others say it is just about to take off.

The reason that there are so many marketers, brands, and companies still hanging on to the hope that QR codes will soon become commonly used among consumers, is that they are exceptionally inexpensive and simple to produce, and can be highly practical when they have been properly implemented.

QR codes have already been shown to be useful for brands and consumers alike.

Some examples of situations where this technology has been successfully used and where consumers have consistently participated include the following:• Temporary tattoos for children – Parents are always concerned about having their children go missing when they are out in public. Whether they are at the mall or at a busy theme park or festival, it can be very easy for a child to wander off within a matter of seconds. When the child has temporary tattoos of QR codes, it means that they can provide good Samaritans and staffers with the ability to scan the code and obtain the parents’ contact information, such as a cell phone number. Sigue leyendo

Vivir con estrés #infografia #infographic #health





Seguridad en el mundo de las APPs #infografia #infographic #internet #software

El ancho de banda en el mundo #infografia #infographic #internet

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