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Twitter: sin seguidores no hay paraíso. Cómo conseguirlos!
por Carmen Santo

Crear un perfil en Twitter para tu empresa es rápido y muy fácil, todos somos capaces de hacerlo; la cosa se complica cuando se trata de hacer crecer este perfil día a día y conseguir seguidores, es ahí donde tienes que emplearte a fondo.

El primer paso es “salir del cascarón”, nadie te tendrá en cuenta si todavía no tienes personalidad propia… Customiza tu Twittercon una foto de perfil, Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...personaliza el fondo y añade información optimizada sobre tu empresa. De este modo ganarás enteros en términos de imagen y además contarás con más posibilidades de aparecer en las búsquedas de Twitter; un recurso mucho más utilizado de lo que puedas imaginar. Sigue leyendo

The Marketer’s Guide to Digg

While Digg, formerly one of the top social voting sites on the Internet, lost a lot of its luster since their major update last year to version four, they still receive at least 2.5 million visitors per month in the US alone and have an Alexa rating of 167, PageRank of 8, and Domain Authority of 100.

Digg is also a little bit more marketing friendly than their main competition Reddit. The following guide will help you learn to use Digg for sharing your awesome content with a larger audience.

How Digg Works front page

Members of the Digg community can submit and share content to the Digg network under the main categories of Business, Entertainment, Gaming, Lifestyle, Offbeat, Politics, Science, Sports, Technology, and World News. These broad categories allow for almost any area of content to be submitted. Sigue leyendo

De acuerdo con una encuesta realizada la preocupación en torno a la seguridad y la falta de colaboración entre los distintos actores…

… se ve obstaculizado la implantación y adopción masiva de los pagos móviles” 

La compañía de servicios de mensajería y comercio móvil Sybase 365, acaba de dar a conocer los resultados de una encuesta encaminada a revelar las proyecciones de crecimiento del mercado del comercio móvil. Por Segundo año consecutivo, Sybase 365 ha entrevistado a los expertos de la industria móvil de España que han asistido al Mobile World Congress 2012 de Barcelona, para descubrir sus opiniones sobre tendencias y perspectivas de adopción de la tecnología NFC.

De acuerdo a la encuesta, el 63% de los encuestados opina que el NFC no se adoptará masivamente para realizar pagos móviles por lo menos hasta dentro de dos a cuatro años.  Además, menos de un 10% de los entrevistados opina que la tecnología de pagos móviles NFC se adoptará masivamente a lo largo de 2012.

“Los pagos móviles son, probablemente, el mayor asunto de debate en el ecosistema del comercio móvil,” comenta John Sims, Presidente de Sybase 365.

“Gracias a nuestra amplia experiencia global en despliegues de comercio móvil, Sybase 365 ha venido definiendo las mejores prácticas de mCommerce y fomentando la aceptación de todos los canales de pagos móviles. A medida que este ecosistema se desarrolla y va alcanzando la madurez, seguiremos permitiendo la colaboración y la comunicación entre operadores móviles, instituciones financieras, y empresas para conseguir la adopción masiva de los pagos móviles.”

Mientras que productos como e-Mango, Smart Money, resuelve de manera práctica lo que otros plantean como dificultad apostando a innovar y hacer las cosas más sencillas.

Característica del producto >>>

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Ten Social Networking Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing Your Business

Written by Kate Manning – View Comments

Business owners worldwide are utilizing various social media platforms to promote products and reach out to consumers.Ten Social Networking Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing Your Business

Many companies thrive, thanks to strong web presence. However, some struggle as a result of costly mistakes made during the online marketing process. Thus, before you began marketing your business it is advisable to brush up on your social media skills.

Better yet, read on for a crash course on the ten most common social networking mistakes and how you can avoid making them yourself.

#1. No Clear Social Marketing Strategy

Forbes columnist Pamela Springer notes that many business owners fail to properly budget their resources. “Even though many social media applications are free,” she writes, “they still cost small businesses time – and time equals money.” She suggests a formal online marketing plan, with a clear goal for each step of the process.

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Designing Landing Pages That Work |StumbleBookmark


Having knowledge on how to create an effective landing page can increase the number of site visitors that take the desired action of the web page. Lets discuss factors and considerations that can lead to a better landing page design.

What is a Landing Page?

Designing Landing Pages That Work

Before we begin our discussion, it’s worth quickly defining what a landing page is.

  • From a web development/technical standpoint: A landing page consists of the same basic elements as any other web page (HTML, CSS, content copy, images, videos, etc.)
  • From a business standpoint: It’s a web page that asks users to perform a specific task such as purchasing something or subscribing to an email mailing list.
  • From a user standpoint: It’s a page they see after clicking on a hyperlink on another site (Google searches, a URL contained in a tweet, banner ad, etc).

Three popular reasons for creating a landing page are:

  • Get people to sign up (whether it’s for an account, a newsletter, etc.)
  • Sell a specific product in a specific situation (like a sale or a promotion)
  • Get people to download and install software

Guidelines to an Effective Landing Page Design >>>> Sigue leyendo

10 pequeños locales de donde surgieron grandes emporios empresariales | ***POST DESTACADO***| Historia de comment

¿Sabías que la coreana Samsung comenzó su singladura empresarial vendiendo pescado y verduras en un pequeño local de un mercado de Corea? ¿O que Virgin Records vendía discos piratas y nació de una tienda más pequeña que la cabina de uno de los aviones de Richard Branson? Sí, corporaciones que hoy consideramos gigantes financieros nacen, como nacen todas las cosas, de algo muy pequeño, casi diminuto. Y muchas con un sentido fundacional distinto al que hoy las alumbra. Este es el gérmen gráfico de los primeros “cuarteles generales” de marcas que hoy no dudan en erigir auténticas ciudades para sus miles de empleados. Sigue leyendo

Why “Generation Why Bother” Doesn’t Care

by Sarah Green |

I’ve been stewing all week about a logically sloppy op-ed in Sunday’s New York Times. Every Sunday morning, I leap out of bed and skipper down the stairs to snatch the paper off the stoop, but last week it betrayed me. Todd and Victoria Buchholz’s “The Go-Nowhere Generation” takes a disparate set of data-points and tries to make the case with them that young Americans aren’t “occupying” anything but their parents’ couches and are bringing economic ruination on themselves by being risk-averse Debbie Downers.

For instance, in one particularly odd leap of logic, they cite a decline in drivers’ licenses as a cause of concern, and then link that decline to increased Internet use. “That may mean safer roads,” they quip, “But it also means a bumpier, less vibrant economy.” Really? Would the economy be more vibrant if Mark Zuckerberg spent his time in college driving around delivering pizza instead of sitting in his room inventing Facebook? And do we really want to lament that a younger generation is finding fewer reasons to fire up the ol’ internal combustion engine, fewer excuses to pump more carbon into the atmosphere? Sigue leyendo

Time to Redefine “Innovation”

By Doreen Lorenzo -

Despite the many case studies and op-eds you might read on the importance of “innovation” as a strategy, in real life many businesses are struggling to be innovative. It doesn’t mean that they can’t come up with enough new ideas or that they don’t have creative people on staff. Instead, executives might find that they cannot implement innovation within their company’s structure, or that they get bogged down by distractions that only seem to be taking them on the path to inventions that are timely–and potentially profitable.

In addition, many of the barriers to corporate innovation are forces that are much bigger than internal ones. These hurdles range from the economic challenges in Europe; entire industries dying or at least experiencing troubling states of transition (print and television media, for example, or investment banking); and the shifts in global financial power that are taking place (the rise of China and India, among other “emerging” markets). Sigue leyendo

Fantastic Examples of Package Design

Posted by  |
What a better way to end the work week than with a healthy dose of inspiration. And as we’ve mentioned before there’s nothing wrong with looking at other mediums to get inspired. So today we’re showing you some fantastic examples of package design, where beauty and functionality are both equally important. In this collection you will find beautiful typography, color schemes, textures and layouts that might give you some ideas for your own designs. Remember to click on the images to find out more about each package and their designers.

The ‘Ish’ Watch

Inspiring Package Design

Grady’s Cold Brew

Inspiring Package Design


Inspiring Package Design

Naturall & Zdravo

Inspiring Package Design


Inspiring Package Design Sigue leyendo

Got a Good Business Idea? Here’s How You’ll Know

CREDIT: Lightbulbs image via Shutterstock

There is no shortage of business ideas, but so few get off the ground. What separates the long-lasting endeavors from those that have a quick expiration date? BusinessNewsDaily spoke to some experts to get a read on the factors that are common in business ideas that take off.

1. It is innovative or offers a twist on an existing product or service. Opening the next pizza joint in a strip mall that already has two pizza parlors is not a formula for success, unless you plan to offer something the others have missed.

“Being new or first is not enough,” said Jose Palomino, founder and CEO of Value Prop Interactive, a consulting firm, and an adjunct professor of marketing at Villanova University. “The iPod wasn’t the first MP3 player, but it defined the category. Being innovative or new doesn’t work if your product doesn’t matter to anyone.”

It doesn’t always pay to be first to market with a product, experts say. “It is not necessarily the person who gets their idea to market first that wins,” said Karen Russo, president of IIPE, an international candidate and name generation firm, and K. Russo Consulting, an executive search and human resources consulting firm. Think BlackBerry being eclipsed by other smartphones that followed. “Sometimes, it is better to sit back and learn from others before jumping in,” she said. Sigue leyendo

3D Coca-Cola Image Design

Writen by Alexandru /

The idea was to create an appealing image for the brazilian Cinema 4D Forum ( contest.This 3D image was a great study because it has everything that increase render time: refractions, ice, liquids and glass… .

Author : Carlos Carvalhar

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