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10 signs that you aren’t cut out for IT

It’s a tough world out there. Anyone who’s ever worked in IT knows just how tough it is. And if you’re not totally up for the challenge, there will always be someone else who is. But for anyone considering getting into the world of IT, or for those considering getting out of IT… how do you know? How do you know whether you are really cut out for the career that chews up and spits out its young? Well, I have a handy list of signs that maybe IT isn’t the best fitfor you.

1: You lack patience

Patience is most certainly a virtue in IT. When some problems strike, they strike with vengeance and most often require a good deal of time to resolve. If you are without patience, you’ll either give up, lose your mind, or pull out all your hair. But the need for patience doesn’t end at dealing with problems. Many times, end users will test your patience more than the technology will. If that’s the case, I recommend that you either get away from having to deal with end users or (if that’s not possible), leave IT immediately.

2: You have no desire to continue your education

IT is an ever-evolving field and without the desire to continue learning, you’re already way behind the curve. This is one of those fields where you must be okay with constantly learning something new. That might mean taking a class or attending a workshop or just hitting the books on your own. But no matter how you slice that education, you must be willing to continue to learn.

3: You refuse to work outside 9-to-5

Technology doesn’t adhere to a set schedule. Servers go down whenever they want and business must go on. So you must be willing to wake up in the middle of the night, work long hours during the week, and work weekends. If you’re someone who refuses to let your workweek interfere with your personal life — well, the writing on the wall is pretty clear.

4: You don’t like people… Sigue leyendo

Infographics: How to Strike the Elusive Balance between Data and Visualization

They started out as a social media experiment and then suddenly everyone wanted a piece.

A couple years back, if you dropped the word ‘Infographic’ or ‘Dataviz’ in a conversation, you would have been greeted by a good number of confused looks even if you were among other web designers.

Today, so many infographics have gone viral that it’s practically impossible to ignore them. You’ll find them tweeted by your friends who want to share an interesting new find, promoted by companies eager to display their growth trends and utilized by even the White House for its progress reports.

No matter what you are searching for online, whether employment statistics or endangered animals, you are sure to find an infographic for it. If you, miraculously, aren’t able to recall any that you have seen, take a look at this list of the 10 best infographics of 2011 via Nowsourcing to catch up.

Infographics spice up ‘boring’ data

Infographics are useful because they turn historically lengthy and tedious bulks of data in to something that’s much more interesting: a visual.

As a society heading into the new decade, we want to read less and see more. While this doesn’t bode too well for book publishers, it’s opened a whole new creative area for designers.

An increasing number of companies and clients are recognizing the benefits of infographics and want their data jazzed up and dressed for the prom. They know that their assiduously compiled information has a far better chance of being read, appreciated, shared and widely circulated if it looks less like an annual report and more like the next big meme. And if you aren’t convinced yet, here’s an infographic on why you should use infographics.

You will need your existing skills. And more.

While the graphics used in infographics have become more eye-catching and sophisticated, they are not too different in purpose from the charts and graphs we used to make in high school. After all, the objective is still to present data in a more visually engaging and accessible way.

However, print and web designers are having a hard time transferring their existing skills to infographics because, as the many aspiring infographics designers will tell you, designing good infographics isn’t as simple as it looks. Sure, you still need the same essential aesthetic and technical skills but you should also be able to effectively translate data into visuals. Most importantly, you need to ensure that the infographic acts as an informative tool and not as a visual distraction. Sigue leyendo

El SMS busca rejuvenecer para recuperar el terreno perdido

Los sistemas de comunicación entre usuarios han hecho mucho daños a las operadoras que han visto como poco a poco los SMS han ido perdiendo importancia para millones de personas, sobre todo para los más jóvenes. Quién no conoce herramientas como WhatsApp, que nos permiten mandar mensajes de una forma mucho más completa a nuestros contactos sin un gasto excesivo, tan sólo disponiendo de una conexión de datos. Pues bien, para luchar contra estos sistemas las teleco han estado trabajando en una nueva versión de SMS la cual podríamos ver durante el Mobile World Congress de la próxima semana. Sigue leyendo

Doctors perform world’s first quadruple limb transplant to attach two arms and legs to a man


The world’s first ever quadruple limb transplant was carried out by surgeons at a Turkish hospital today who attached two arms and two legs to a young man.The world's first ever quadruple transplant took 50 surgeons more than 20 hours to attach two arms and two legs to a young male patient. Picture above posed by models

The operation took 20 hours to complete and required 50 doctors to help attach the limbs.

Head physician Dr Murat Tuncer today appealed for blood donations to overcome possible complications following the surgery at Hacettepe University Hospital in the country’s capital, Ankara.

The world’s first ever quadruple transplant took 50 surgeons more than 20 hours to attach two arms and two legs to a young male patient. Picture above posed by models

But he did not provide any details about the patient.

The operation comes after a failed triple limb transplant two months ago at another hospital in the southern city of Antalya.

Topless protesters crash Milan Fashion week in demo against anorexic models


Topless feminists clashed with police as they protested against the use of anorexic models outside the Versace fashion show in Milan yesterday.

The protesters, from the feminist group Femen, wore jeans and handwritten slogans such as ‘Fashion = Fascism’ and ‘Anorexia’ scrawled across their bare chests.

The three attractive women – understood to be model themselves – chanted outside the high-end fashion show while holding aloft handmade placards with the same mottos and ‘Models do not go to brothels’.

Models remonstrance against anorexia Fashion Show
Models remonstrance against anorexia Fashion Show

Baring all: Topless models protest with slogans written across their bodies against anorexia on the catwalk outside Versace’s Fall-winter 2012-2013 fashion show during the Milan Womenswear Fashion Week

Anger: The feminists demonstrate outside the Versace show against the pressure on young models to be skinny size zerosAnger: The feminists demonstrate outside the Versace show against the pressure on young models to be skinny size zeros

But Italian police forcibly blocked the protesters when they approached the entrance to the Versace Fall-winter 2012-2013 show during the Milan Womenswear Fashion Week.

Donatella Versace’s own daughter and heir to the fashion throne, Allegra, has been battling anorexia for years.

Sigue leyendo

Life-saving new cancer drugs are being held back so the Government can save money, claims GlaxoSmithKline chief executive
  • UK is delaying the approval of new treatments
  • Several new drugs have been blocked by Nice, says academic


The head of Britain’s biggest drugs company has accused the Government of systematically delaying the introduction of new cancer drugs in order to save money.

GlaxoSmithKline chief executive Sir Andrew Witty warned that ministers were making false economies as they tried to grapple with the deficit in the public finances.

In an interview with the BBC, he said that governments across Europe had already cut drug prices by 5 per cent a year – costing GSK around £300 million per annum.

Warning: Sir Andrew Witty, head of GSK, warns that government attempts to save money by delaying the introduction of new drugs is a false economyWarning: Sir Andrew Witty, head of GSK, warns that government attempts to save money by delaying the introduction of new drugs is a false economy

However, he said governments were now seeking to go further in an effort to achieve even bigger savings – and he highlighted Britain’s decision to delay new cancer treatments.

‘The bit I’m much more frightened about is that what’s now beginning to become clear is that, in addition to price reductions, governments are delaying the approval of innovative new drugs,’ he said.

‘So a second way they can save money, they think, is ‘Let’s just not buy the next round of innovation’.

‘Cancer in the UK is a good example where we’re seeing oncology drugs being systematically delayed from introduction and reimbursement. Sigue leyendo

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Un reconocido SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER, que desea permanecer anónimo, sostiene que cuanto más le pedís a la gente UN ME GUSTA en FACEBOOK, hace lo contrario.

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