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Consejos para usar LinkedIn sin frustraciones

Linkedin es el sueño de cualquier persona que aspira a tener un trabajo en relación de dependecia: ofrece una internase sencilla, fácilmente aprehensible, que permite conectar a millones de empleadores con potenciales empleados. Sin embargo muchos de los usuarios de la red social no utilizan al máximo los recursos que el sitio tiene para ofrecerles, inclusive cuando muchos de ellos son totalmente gratuitos.

Mercado ofrece, entonces, algunos consejos para sacarle el jugo a la red social de los trabajadores del mundo.

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Ocho cosas que dicen los malos jefes ***y te tiran el ánimo abajo***

Todos conocemos las palabras de aliento que usualmente salen de la boca de los buenos jefes. Pero, ¿cuáles son las frases más comunes en los malos? Mercado recopiló ocho cosas que dicen los jefes que todos deberían evitar.

Para el trabajo responsable y comprometido, pocas cosas son mejores que el reconocimiento al final de un día de trabajo. Un buen jefe sabe cómo alentar a su planta y recompensar su ardua labor con palabras y gestos. Pero en el mundo del trabajo también existen los malos jefes, aquellos que es importante reconocer a la distancia para alejarse rápidamente. Con esto en mente Mercado ofrece ochi frases comúnmente escuchadas de la boca de jefes que no deberían serlo.

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Gerentes, escuchen a sus empleados

Hoy hay muchos estudios en curso que se centran en el análisis de la conducta del directivo y que destacan la importancia de una comunicación fluida con sus empleados. Recomiendan fomentar reuniones de trabajo donde el intercambio de ideas sea fluido y en todas las direcciones.

Según el investigador y autor del libro Liderando con Inteligencia Cultural David Livermore, “un líder con inteligencia cultural debe facilitar la reunión, ser auténtico y adaptar su estilo de liderazgo, para cumplir con la dinámica del grupo y dejar claro el mensaje que quiere transmitir”.

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Tres estrategias para reavivar la ética de trabajo

Una buena estrategia de ventas puede resultar insuficiente si los empleados de una empresa no están motivados para trabajar más y mejor. Mercado ofrece tres estrategias para reavivar la ética de trabajo en su staff.

En esta época de crisis todas las empresas esperan atraer nuevos negocios y mejorar sus ganancias para este 2012. Los directores ejecutivos de las empresas y los jefes de área seguramente cuentan con planes para lograr que esto ocurra pero olvidan un factor fundamental: la motivación de sus empleados. Para que las estrategias de venta funcionen es necesario reavivar la ética de trabajo.

Mercado ofrece, entonces, tres estrategias para lograr que los empleados trabajen más y mejor…

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Courtship, Communication and Business Relationships

This week, reminders of Valentine’s Day and the relationship expectations it brings were unavoidable. Depending on who you are, this time of year can be filled with promise or fraught with despair. Either is a good excuse for chocolate – heart-shaped or otherwise.

Not so coincidentally, there was a flurry of messages pushing and promising a love connection at your fingertips, someone waiting just for you in the world of online dating. With fairly identical business models, matchmaking sites have leveraged our human need for personal connection into a $700 million industry that now boasts a whopping 20 percent share of successful online meetings leading to long-term in-person relationships. Of those, 24 percent are said to lead to marriage.

No doubt about it, technology has changed the way we meet people, form relationships, share information, and in general, conduct our personal lives from the privacy of an online connection.

Likewise, technology has changed the way we form business relationships. We are no longer constrained by proximity. Our reach is infinite. We can engage anyone, anywhere without leaving the office. And unlike online dating, the goal need never include meeting our business matches in order to take the relationship to the next level. Trust, communication and friendship are all virtually attainable and sustainable.

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Proposal Writing

I work at a Web development company and we’ve experimented with proposal writing a lot over the years. We’ve seen the good and the bad, and we have found something better. In this article I will share the pains that we have experienced in the proposal writing process, the solution we adopted, and our process for carrying out that solution. I’ll also give you guidelines to help you know when this solution is and isn’t appropriate.

Proposal Writing Causes Pain
After several years of writing proposals, we began to notice that something wasn’t right. As we considered the problem we noticed varying levels of pain associated with the proposal writing process. We categorized those pains as follows:

The Rush
Getting a proposal done was usually about speed. We were racing against the clock and working hard to deliver the proposal as efficiently and as effectively as possible. However, sometimes corners would get cut. We’d reuse bits and pieces from older proposals, checking and double-checking for any references to the previous project. While the adrenaline helped, the rush gets old because you know that, deep down, it’s not your best work. Besides, you don’t even know if you’re going to close the deal, which leads to the next pain.

The Risk
Our proposal close ratio with clients that came directly to us was high. We’d work hard on the proposals and more often than not, we’d close the deal. The risk was still there, however, and I can think of several proposals that we had spent a lot of time and effort on for a deal that we didn’t get. Not getting the deal isn’t the problem — the problem is going in and investing time and energy in a thorough proposal without knowing if there is even the likelihood that you’re going to close the deal.
The Details
The difference between a project’s success and its failure is in the details. In proposal writing, the details are in the scope. What work is included, what is not, and how tight is the scope? Now, this is where the “rush” and the “risk” play their part. The rush typically causes us to spend less time on details and the “risk” says: “Why spell it all out and do the diligence when you might not even get the project?” A self-fulfilling prophecy, perhaps, but a legitimate concern nonetheless. Selling a project without making the details clear is asking for scope creep, and turns what started out as a great project into a learning experience that can last for years.
Now, writing is an important part of the project and I’m not about to say you shouldn’t write. Having a written document ensures that all parties involved are on the same page and completely clear on exactly what will be delivered and how it will be delivered. What I’m saying, though, is that you should stop writing proposals.

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Success Plan 2012 – Committing to & Achieving the Dream – Protect Your Job and Boost Your Employability

We all have dreams and make resolutions for a more fulfilling life. Yet we fail achieving the dream with a solid plan of attack. Dream too long and you’ll look back on a life’s path scattered with the tombstones of lost opportunities. Try something new, and 2012 can be the year you change the trajectory of your entire life; all you have to do is wake up and smell the coffee, and then start walking towards it.

Job security is a thing of the past, but you can regain control of your life by replacing blind loyalty to faithless employers with a commitment to your own long-term economic survival. Make this the year you commit to understanding and applying the new career managementstrategies that will put security and fulfillment back in your life. It’s just a question of making time in an already hectic life.

Steal Time for Achieving the Dream

The average American gets home from work, watches five hours of TV (25% of it commercials), and goes to bed, not always in that order. Give up just one thirty-minute TV sitcom four nights a week and I’ll show you how to revolutionize your life. Steal just two hours a week and invest it in learning how to make your life better.

It starts with understanding that no one cares about your survival except you, and doing something about this situation: Learn what it takes to get back to work; protect the job you have; get a better job, get a promotion; plan and execute job or career changes. Simultaneously you can begin to think about your entrepreneurial dreams. These are the issues of modern career management that you ignore at your peril.

A Successful Career Is Not a Sprint; It’s a Marathon

When you think about achieving lifetime plans, think in terms of calendars not clocks. Most people sacrifice a life of fulfillment to the whims of instant gratification because a life of fulfillment requires hard work. It’s time to start living up to your dreams, not your income.

Whatever your goals, the sooner you start towards them the better. Begin with evaluating where you are now and where you want to be ten years down the road. “I want to be president of the company” and “I want to be president of my own company,” aren’t mutually exclusive: This is not an either/or world anymore. You can pursue multiple career goals and multiple career paths: climbing the corporate ladder, building a successful business, making your living in the arts. There are proven paths to make multiple career goals come true. Others do it every year, so why not you?

Given your goals, all you need is a plan of attack that steadily takes you from where you stand today to where you want to stand tomorrow. Just what will you have to do to get from here to there? You then break those big steps down into smaller and smaller steps, until there is some small action you can take today, and every day, that will bring you one step closer to realizing the goals that give your life meaning. You can build plans and the stepping stones for the achievement in your corporate career and in your entrepreneurial and dream careers.

For Your Core Corporate Career

Become the best you can be, to secure the job you have today and to land the job you want tomorrow. Simultaneously, commit to learning the employment skills you need to survive: How to write a resume, how to turn a job interview into a job offer, and the handful of other critical job search and career management skills that you must master to survive.

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