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In defence of bloggers – we’re not inadequate & pimpled

2857126034 bbafbb76ca In defence of bloggers   were not inadequate & pimpledAndrew Marr has been a hero of mine for a long time. Unfortunately the shine completely fell off this week, when he denounced bloggers as ‘inadequate, pimpled and single’ , while citizen journalism also gets the benefit of his boot, being described as ‘the spewings and rantings of very drunk people late at night’. The rant doesn’t end there, which was carried out against bloggers, at the Cheltenham Literary Festival. This is an incredibly unfortunate episode – the significance of which shouldn’t be underestimated. When someone this influential in the media industry speaks out with such vehemence against bloggers, it’s something you sit up and take notice of.

The single biggest problem with Andrew Marr’s argument, is that he dismisses bloggers in total, as if ‘blogging’ is the unifying factor and therefore we all operate in the same way. This is completely illogical, as if by becoming a blogger, you are immediately like all other bloggers. Compare a Mashable to a Wiggly Worms blog and you see where his argument really falls down ; they are completely different from each other. A blog is a means of producing content, it is a form of content in itself. It really is time to get away from the idea of ‘bloggers’ being one and part of the same crowd. It is really no different to criticise bloggers, than it is is to criticise writers outright. Any point that Andrew Marr might have had is unfortunately lost in this. But putting this misunderstanding to one side, is there any validity in his arguments against citizen journalism? Sigue leyendo

7 Tips for an Authentic and Productive Writing Process

Does this sound familiar?

You’re sitting in front of your laptop, staring at a blank screen.

The deadline for the article you need to write is approaching, and you’re struggling to get started when you should be in the final editing stages.

As you sit there trying to put your expertise in writing, a strange insecurity creeps up your spine. You see yourself changing before your own eyes, transforming from a confident expert into a self-conscious amateur.

It’s your own Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde transformation experience.

I’ve been there.

I used to hate writing

Well, actually, it was more like loathing than hating.

Anytime I needed to write anything I’d procrastinate, pretending that avoiding the project would make it go away. Needless to say, the procrastination led to a flurry of rushed writing at the last minute to meet my deadlines, resulting in less than my best work.

But my real problem wasn’t the act of writing. It was fear. Fear of making mistakes, fear that what I wrote would sound stupid, fear that my writing wouldn’t make sense to the reader, etc.

My insecurities were turning me into a monster

So there I was, a guy with more than 15 years of experience, who has won some awards and is even a judge for three international design competitions, worried about sounding stupid.

It sounds ridiculous, but my fear of screwing up made writing a miserable experience for me.

I even used to try to compensate for my fears. I’d use stiff, formal sentences and large, important-sounding words to try to “prove” I knew what I was talking about. Unfortunately, all that did was make me sound like a pretentious jerk.

It was like I was changing from Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde anytime I had to write something.

Then one sentence from my college professor changed everything

I had a job that offered tuition reimbursement benefits, so I decided to take some college classes. One of my classes was a composition class, and the professor gave me the best writing advice I’d ever heard.

“Write the way you talk.”

Wait. What?

It can’t be that easy! Seriously? What a liberating idea! That one piece of advice helped me break free of my fears and relaxed my writing style. No more procrastination. No more using large, unnecessary words to try and impress the reader. I could just relax, be myself, and write.

Now before you get the wrong impression, let me explain something: writing the way you talk does not give you permission to write poorly, or to publish content that sucks.

What it does is help break down the mental barriers of fear and procrastination that keep you from being a more engaging, and more productive writer.

Here’s how to use “write the way you talk” to squash your insecurities and avoid sounding like a pompous idiot…: Sigue leyendo



La única ventaja competitiva sostenible es la innovación permanente. 
Michael Porter

Pocas frases ilustran mejor el concepto de Innovación como la precedente. La innovación es la única salida para que las compañías conserven su competitividad a lo largo del tiempo. Pero actualmente se asocia el concepto de Innovación con grandes inversiones de Investigación y Desarrollo, lo que, en épocas de presupuestos limitados, hace que quede totalmente a un lado. Sin embargo, hay salidas. Para intentar cambiar ese paradigma hay que comenzar a tener en cuenta al mayor capital que posee una compañía: el Capital Humano.

Al hablar de Capital Humano, no me refiero solo a los integrantes de la compañía, sino al resto de las personas que se relacionan con la misma, como los partners y clientes. Existen herramientas del tipo Web 2.0 que tienen actualmente el mismo impacto en la comunicación dentro del ambiente de trabajo que el email en las épocas anteriores. Esto es debido a la rapidez en la penetración de la Web 2.0 en la vida de cada uno. La siguiente serie de figuras ilustran el número de años que cada dispositivo tardo en alcanzar una audiencia de 50 millones de personas. Sigue leyendo

Webstorming, un brainstorming 2.0

El brainstorming es un tradicional método de creatividad. Ahora, en su versión 2.0, se llama Webstorming. Un método de generación de ideas abierto 24/7 y sin fronteras geográficas…
Por Lisandro Sosa

El brainstorming, o “lluvia de ideas”, es uno de los métodos más conocidos para facilitar la creatividad. En estas sesiones, se busca recolectar la mayor cantidad posible de ideas para luego evaluarlas y elegir las mejores.

Si bien este método es muy efectivo, las organizaciones suelen encontrar algunas barreras para aplicarlo:

1) El tiempo para reuniones de este tipo es escaso

2) Es difícil coordinar las agendas de todas las personas que deberían participar en la sesión

3) Los participantes suelen llegar a la reunión con la mente absorbida por los problemas propios de su actividad. No siempre pueden enfocarse en la generación de ideas.

4) Los tiempos de reflexión, acción y reacción de cada integrante son diferentes.

5) El método se limita a cierto número de personas identificadas como “creativas” en la organización.

El webstorming es un método para que TODOS los trabajadores puedan aportar sus ideas, aceptar y comentar las ideas del resto a través de herramientas de la web 2.0. Sigue leyendo

[ARG] Realitys show

Paneando ayer por diversos programas políticos televisivos, oficialistas y opositores, observamos el grado de reality show que propone la pantalla.

Nada pero nada que lo que allí se veía y oía, tenía la más mínima relación de aquello que, en parte, sabíamos que estaba sucediendo bajo “la ley de la calle”. De que hablan? fue el interrogante anterior a cada inexorable zaapingazo.

La tele política, el ensayo temerario de constituir desde los LCD en 50 cuotas, sujetos activos en la práctica política, sinceramente no la recomendamos hoy a nadie comprometido con la militancia o como corno se llame la cercanía al compromiso político. Ayer tal vez tuvo sentido y durante un tiempito, jamás en estas etapas de sintonía fina, muy fina donde los efectos comienzan a ser paradojales. Sigue leyendo

10 innovation experts to whom you should be listening

As the publisher of the world’s largest innovation website, I have the opportunity to hear from and read the thoughts of many innovation experts. These are ten of the people whose insights have had the greatest influence on my thinking. Most of them publish articles and/or blog posts on a regular basis on the subject of innovation:

Jeffrey Phillips – Author of the Innovate on Purpose blog and the new book, Make Us More Innovative.

Steve Shapiro – Author of the 24/7 Innovation blog and the book of the same name, as well as the developer of the new Innovation Personality Poker card deck.

Jeffrey Baumgartner – Author of the excellent and frequently thought-provoking Report103 e-newsletter and founder of the JPB innovation consultancy.

Mitch Ditkoff – Creative guy extraordinaire; author of the eclectic and creative Heart of Innovation blog, the marvelous business fable Awake at the Wheel: Getting Your Great Ideas Rolling in an Uphill World and numerous creativity and idea management tools… Sigue leyendo

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